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Hookah Hose

When To Change Your Hookah Hose? A Detailed Guide

The hookah is a water pipe used to smoke sweet and flavored tobacco. Other names for hookah are hookah, argileh, shisha, hubble bubble, and Goza. Pipes are usually quite large and consist of a water reservoir, a tobacco compartment and one or more pipes from which several smokers can inhale at the same time.


Molasses, fruit pulp, honey, along with additional flavors such as coconut, mint or coffee, are used to sweeten hookah tobacco. In the 1990s, flavored tobacco molasses became a trend in the Middle Eastern countries, since then the use of hookah has spread around the world.


Hookah originated in India in the early 1600s, invented by Hakim Abdul Fath a physician from India believing that passing smoke through water will minimize the risk of health hazards.  


Hookah’s working

The chamber of hookah contains a bowl containing burning red-hot coals that are placed over
flavored tobacco molasses. With the help of perforated aluminum foil the coal is separated from the tobacco.


When charcoal heats the tobacco underneath, smoke is produced. When the user pulls the hookah, the smoke is drawn through the water chamber, cooling it before being inhaled into the lungs.



This is the item from which you will be smoking. Put the port side into the hose port on the hookah rod, make sure the inlet is sealed properly, and then take a puff.
They are an often overlooked but very important component of hookahs because they are pipes for smoking and savoring. So if you have a garbage hose, no matter how well the mix or hookah you use, the experience will be unsatisfactory.  Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the hose you are using and make sure it is clean to avoid ghosting, which is a residue of the previously used mixture. 


Everyone has their favorite stockings that they like to wear. If you ask ten hookah fans which hose is the best to use, you will get ten different answers. In this blog, we will focus on some of the most commonly used hoses. 


Hookah Hose


Types of Hookah Hose



Silicone Hoses:

They are made of high-quality silicone, which you can find in hospitals. They look great, but they take some time to clean. It is more expensive than traditional hoses but less likely to degrade quickly. They are worth the price. You can also get them in any length, diameter, and color.


Traditional Hoses:

This is the original hose for hookah. These hoses have been in use for decades and are usually made of substandard materials and internal coils that are prone to rust. Smokers usually put small pieces of dirt in their mouths when they smoke and attribute them to charcoal or tobacco. But it is rust or small particles accumulated in the hose. There are high-quality internal coil hoses on the market, which are made of high-quality materials and coils that will not rust.


Washable Hoses:

These hoses are economical and efficient and are the most widely used water pipe hoses. These are the types you can find in most hookah cafes and bars. They are easy to clean, so you won't waste a lot of time storing your smoker. 


Certain flavors of hookah may have a "ghost" smell, the washable hookah hose is easy to clean and will give you a pure taste every time you use the hookah.


Professional Hoses:

These are the original 100% washable high-flow hoses. These types of hoses are probably the most famous and widely used of all hookah hoses. It can be used over a period of time and is amazing at limiting flavor-ghosting. It is easy to clean and assemble like washable hoses. Another advantage over silicone hoses is that because they have hard plastic internal coils, the hoses can better maintain their shape and will not be kinked like silicone hoses.

 Hookah Hose

When Does It Need To Be Cleaned? 

If when you smoke, you start to feel the taste of previously used hookah molasses mixed, or the aroma is blocked by unpleasant additives. Like if you used
Apple hookah tobacco last day and today you are using Mint Hookah Tobacco and you get to taste apple tobacco too this is flavor ghosting. In this case, you will immediately feel the first sign, but there may be problems with the second sign. Usually, these impurities will gradually appear, and some smokers cannot understand that smoking becomes unpleasant.



Process to Clean the Hose


1. You would require some lemon juice, hot water, and a funnel. It would be better if you follow the process near the sink to prevent your room from getting dirty.

2. First, remove the hose. If there is one, remove the mouthpiece. Block one end with your thumb, and then place the funnel at the other end. Prevent overflow.

3. Now, add some lemon juice. Shake it-one end is higher than the other end. Repeat with another. It causes the juice to flow through the hose; it covers the entire internal area.

4. Now fill half the pipe with some hot water. Remove the funnel, cap the end with your thumb, and then shake it again.

5. Put one end into the basin, stick your thumb out, and drain the water.

6. Put it back into the funnel, fill it with water and let the water flow. It helps remove traces of lemon juice from the interior.

7. Blows through the hose; it will remove all remaining water droplets.

8. Believe it or not, shaking it can drain water and other particles.

9. Hang it on a hook or hanger, with both ends facing down, and let it air dry for several hours.


That's it, your hose is clean. At the next hookah gathering, you will notice the difference in taste. Now take credit for cleaning the hose and pat your back. If you loved reading this blog and found it informative do share it with your pals!

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