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What is Apple Hookah Shisha Tobacco Taste?

What is Apple Hookah Shisha Tobacco Taste?

Apple hookah tobacco is a unique taste in smoking. It is a superior blend of top quality and the most popular hookah flavored tobacco around the world. Apple tobacco brings to the hookah smoker the smoothness of fine tobaccos, the crisp taste of fresh apples and the refreshing aroma of both. Apples and tobacco are an amazing natural combination for shisha fans. You can use it plain or mix it up with different flavors to dream up.

This double apple tobacco is the godfather of tobacco flavors. This type of tobacco in the name originates from the two spices used to flavor the shisha because of the apple fruit flavor as two subtle, these two flavors being anise and licorice.

Twice the Apple is a medium-choppy cut shisha that is very juicy, and it smells just like a typical double apple (not much anise). The taste is another solid double apple taste, with some great spice taste added in there.

Ice apple tobacco is a delightful blend of the popular ice and apple flavor. This tobacco makes your breezing refresh and heavenly. Ice makes a lighter flavor when meeting a strong taste of apple.








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