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What Are The Hookah Shisha Tobacco Made Of?

What Are the Hookah Shisha Tobacco Made of?

The most common style of tobacco smoking for a hookah (Shisha, Water-pipe) is called hookah shisha molasses. This type of tobacco is a sticky mixture of tobacco, honey or molasses, and other flavorings. Shisha is available in many flavors such as bubble gum, peanut butter, mango, grape, and mint. In the market, you can find hydro herbal as well, hydro herbal shisha molasses is the industry leader in nicotine-free, tobacco-free hookah smoke. Hydro products offer a wide range of flavors found with traditional shisha brands, but they use an herbal shisha alternative to tobacco.


1- Tobacco:

The tobacco is often washed several times, so it does not have such a strong flavor or smell as cigarette or pipe tobacco. Nicotine is water-soluble. Thus, washed shisha tobacco is prepared simply by soaking and rinsing the tobacco leaf in cold water. This reduces the level of nicotine and earthy tobacco flavor.

Tobacco leaves shed raw tobacco

2- Honey or Molasses:

The word molasses means "honeyed" and is the key difference between other styles of tobacco. The molasses sweetens the smoke and helps prevent the tobacco from incinerating.

 Honey or Molasses Tick tock Hookah USA

 3- Glycerin:

 The glycerin is a relatively new addition to hookah tobacco. The glycerin also helps prevent the tobacco from burning as well as adding to the smoke volume. Shisha tobacco without glycerin does not make as thick of smoke.


4- Flavoring:

 Sometimes the flavoring is natural but more frequently these days the flavor is artificial. The most popular two flavors around the world are Double AppleMintgrapestrawberrylemon, lime, blueberry, orange, vanilla and others. 








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