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Top 9 Places to Smoke Hookah in Istanbul

Top 9 Places to Smoke Hookah in Istanbul

There are lots of people who love to smoke best hookah flavor and Istanbul is one of the places that can offer you the best hookah bars and cafes for your great hookah experience. People of Istanbul are fond of hookah, so they mix their restaurant and bar to offer people great food along with the different flavors of hookah. 

Here are the top 9 places to smoke hookah in Istanbul.


1. Huqqa

Well, if we are talking about hookah then the first name that comes into your mind will be Huqqa, which has four branches in Istanbul. The 4 places where Huqqa is located in Kuruçeşme, Emirgan, Üsküdar, and Bahçelievler, this place is a mixture of both eastern and western cultures. Well, the interior of Huqqa is designed with modern art, decorative patterns, and pastel colors, and with a peaceful environment, you can enjoy your best hookah flavor session with your close friends. This restaurant also offers you great cuisine like Beef Nachos, Beef Paillard, and Cajun Chicken Finger. 


2. Lulu Lounge

Lulu Lounge is a bar and restaurant that offers you a very beautiful view of Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Well, this bar has a very unique way of serving hookah, they will offer you Fumo Design hookah, it is one of the best brands in the market. It also offers you a VIP room for more than 16 people where you and your close friends can enjoy their hookah session. Along with your best hookah flavor session, you can also play PS in a country-style room. Well, the restaurant offers you great cuisine from all over the world. 


A lounge in Istanbul


3. Azure The Bosphorus

Well, this restaurant cum bar is located on the terrace of Metropolitan Hotels, Bosphorus, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Istanbul. They have a team of award-winning chefs

who offer you great dist from Turkish and all over the world. You can enjoy your hookah party during the sunset which will give a great pleasure while enjoying the view. Azure the Bosphorus offers you premium quality tobacco for your hookah session along with their signature dish seafood and grilled beef. 


4. Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi

This is one of the oldest hookah bars in Istanbul and it was built by Çorlulu Ali Pasha, one of the grand viziers of Sultan Ahmet The IIIrd. The beautiful place is covered with authentic decoration. Lots of people come here to enjoy their hookah session with a cup of herbal tea. The most recommended is the apple tea that most of the local people like. As the place is old and famous, lots of celebrities have also visited this place. 


Man in a Marketplace


5. PS Lounge

PS lounge is a bar and restaurant established in Istanbul where lots of people gather with their friends and family to enjoy their hookah night. At this place, the hookah is prepared by Azeri craftsmen who blend fresh fruit and tobacco. This is a great place illustrated with classic and modern design, they also offer you VIP lounges if you have a big group that comes here to party. Well, the place is divided into two sections where one side is just a restaurant where children can also come and the other side is fully covered for only hookah sessions. One of the most recommended dishes here is Antrikot kebab that everyone loves and you should also try at least one time.


6. Harab’be

The Harab'be is located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul and it is very famous for its staff's hospitality. Entering the restaurant will give you a warm and friendly feeling and there is no surprise how fast time passes when you are inside the Harab'be. This place offers you a great hookah experience with the best classic Turkish music. For food, this place offers you every type of from all over the world and once you visit this place, you will return again and again. Each and every customer comes out of this place with full satisfaction.


Hookah Lounge Street


7. Lotiz Lounge & Hookah

This is one of the most famous hookah bars in Meduse, located in Old Istanbul. Well, the Lotiz Lounge is open daily till 03:00. This is a bar and restaurant, so you can take a sip of a drink while enjoying your hookah session. This place also offers you a great beautiful view of Old Istanbul. The most famous dish here is the lamb cage that is brought to your table with a special presentation so that you can enjoy it fullest. They have a huge variety of hookah flavors available and most people enjoy their hookah session with a cup of Turkish coffee. 


8. Miran Nargile & Cafe

Well, this cafe has a very unique design as the place is situated in a narrow street and here you can sit and enjoy your hookah session with the best hookah flavor and your close friends. This place is fully designed with the authentic architect and wooden tables are placed on both sides of the street. They have a large collection of hookah flavors but the most famous one that every local love is the apple flavor hookah. Ask for a glass of red wine and enjoy your hookah session with your close friends.


Smoking Lounge


9. Rembetiko Cafe

Well, the Rembetiko Cafe is situated in Kadıköy, Moda, Istanbul. This is one of the most famous hookah cafes in the entire area and they serve you tea, herbal tea, and coffee along with unique flavors of hookah. The cafe staff is very friendly and helpful, you can order a cup of Turkish coffee or herbal tea along with your hookah. Bring your friends and experience the great uniqueness of the Rembetiko Cafe.

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