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Top 5 Things to Do While Smoking Hookah

The slow and relaxing experience of hookah smoking, including hookah and tobacco preparation, is the goal of hookah smoking. This is not about buzzing or tobacco dosage, but about the relaxed space between friends and age-old tradition which is created by the behavior of hookah and waterpipe smoking. Usually, hookah smoking lasts 30 to 60 minutes. When you smoke the light and pleasant smoke is injected into the senses and lingers in the air, encouraging slow meditative breathing and sweet conversation, domino games or quiet contemplation and learning.


Smoking hookah is a good way to relieve stress. There is nothing better than sitting with a hookah at the end of the day and smoking a fresh shisha bowl with your favorite people around. Every cloud feels like the weight of the world has left your shoulders. I'm sure if you are reading this article, you have realized what a fascinating and fascinating hobby it can be. Relaxed with the hookah hose in your hand, what can you do? Whether you choose to smoke a hookah alone or blow a cloud with your friends, hookah has many hobbies for you! We observe our favorite hookah activities for social gatherings, date nights, individual hookah meetings, and anything in between. Watching a movie? Watch a movie with a hookah. Listen to music? Listen with hookah.


Video Games with Hookah


Although this is almost the number one for me personally .There is nothing better than hookah and video games! Take a few puffs of TickTock Mint hookah tobacco to celebrate the serial killings of course in video games, or enjoy a hookah while waiting glumly for a comeback. Sometimes it is a bit painful to hold the hose to play games, once you tighten the hose clamping method, you can never go back. Some solutions are to plug a silicone hookah hose under your arm or get creative and use a microphone holder to fix it for you. Some companies produce custom hookah hose brackets that connect to your game controller. Once you have configured your settings correctly, there is nothing easier than your hookah between the goals of a Madden game or against your friends in FIFA. Of course, sex is great, but have you ever smoked a thick plate of peaches molasses while defeating the boss who eventually raided? The combination of these two activities seems to be a natural combination. You would think that everyone would know, but I still find that many people don’t.



Practice Your Hookah Skills 


Make the most of your time on the hookah and practice your hookah smoking skills! There are so many different fancy smoke techniques, why not learn a few? Start with the classic smoke ring and go from there. You can find beginner tutorials online to help you get started or you can read our previous blog on some tricks. Blowing the "smoke heart" with your hookah cloud will attract the attention of any crowd. Once you've mastered the basics of hookah skills, you can learn more advanced actions such as tornado smoke and toast. You will soon become a hookah expert! The next time you smoke Shisha Tobacco molasses with your friends, you can impress them with the Smoke Bubble, Smoke Ring, and Smoke Heart.


Practice Your Hookah Skills


Get Creative While Smoking Hookahs


Once your hookah relaxes you completely, let your creativity flow. Allowing your favorite hookah flavor to put you in a zen state to help you create new and exciting things. Take a moment to draw, write, color, or color in your favorite adult picture book. Release the stress of your mid-term job and try to calm your nerves with a bowl of Fruit Flavored Tobacco Molasses from Tick Tock Hookah Tobacco. Sometimes hookah clouds can clear a cloudy mind. No matter what creative things you do to participate in, smoking shisha can help you relax and fully accept the activity. 


Picture books for adults have been everywhere in the past few years. These have proven to be very popular because they help relieve stress and promote calm, just like hookah! Whether you use adult books or children's books, coloring and expressing yourself in different shades is undoubtedly one of the most creative things you can do while smoking hookah. 


You can try different activities every time you enjoy hookah. Remember, there are lots of creative activities one can do while smoking hookah, all of which can help you relax.


Hookah and Movies 


Halloween is approaching, and it may be time to launch a horror movie and autumn flame-peach flavour inspired by autumn. Even if it's not a gloomy season, hookah and movies are meaningful. Sit back and watch your favorite movie, while a hookah can help you relax after a long day. A simple combination, because once set up, no extra effort is required. Just enjoy the taste of hookah and the movie itself.

 Hookah Shisha


Shisha Hookah, Backgammon and Other Board Games 


The ancient traditions of hookah tobacco and backgammon go hand in hand. This is the whole point of hookah culture. Sitting around a board game and smoking a hookah with friends. For this reason, many online hookah stores have backgammon and other board games. This is a great way to meet new friends or compete with existing friends. Pass the hose to the hookah (with the tip of your mouth, of course), and then joke about the game. Use games such as Pictionary, Chess or Monopoly to match your friends' Apple flavored tobacco to host your own social gatherings. When smoking a hookah, the simplest party is sometimes the best.


No matter how you smoke your hookah, it’s the right way. Always stay ready for any shisha activity with flavored tobacco from www.ticktockhookah.com. Do Share with your folks!

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