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Tips to Maintain Hookah Hygiene

So many people love smoking hookah tobacco and also it is a reason to form a joyful get-together with your friends and family. But in this pandemic situation hygiene and safety concerns have been increased a lot. Many businesses and hookah lounges have been forced to halt their services. If you want to enjoy your hookah session, it becomes important for you to maintain proper hookah hygiene.

Here are some tips to maintain proper hookah hygiene.


Safe storage tips

It is necessary to have a hygienic hookah session in this COVID-19 situation and for this; it is important how you store your hookah and hookah tobacco. But keep in mind to go for best-quality hookah or shisha and also use coconut shell charcoals that are safe for the environment and also for your body and will give you a safe smoking experience.

When you go for buying these products, always check for the product expiry date and the manufacturing labels of these products because there are lots of expired and fake products in the market. People buy these products in bulk so that they do not have to buy a new one every day, so it important to have proper information about what you buy and from where you buy. Well, in a pandemic situation anything you buy from the shop is not safe to use directly, sanitize everything that you buy from a store before using them personally. Also, remember not to try any hookah that has been kept uncovered for a long time. Once you opened the shisha that you bought from the shop, store them in a clean-cold place and consume them within few days.

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Avoid smoking in rotation

Well, smoking hookah tobacco is a century-old ritual and there are lots of people who love to continue this old tradition but in modern ways. People use to sit in an enclosed circle, listening to music and smoking the hookah one-after-one in a circle. But during this epidemic situation, it is not safe to follow the old tradition in a large group because using the same hookah for a group of people can infect anyone with the virus or any other disease. Think of a person who is infected with Coronavirus but does not show any symptoms, smoking the same hookah that is used by an infected person can also infect you. So, avoid smoking the same hookah if you are in a group. Although it is important to maintain proper social distancing, people tend to forget this while they are enjoying hookah sessions with their friends. It becomes vulnerable to share the same hookah that everyone is touching.


Use your own hose pipe

There are some hookahs in the market that comes with dual-port so that you can add two hosepipes at the same time if you want to share them with your close friends or family members. Well, if you do not have a dual-port hookah then try to consider an additional disposable hose that can give an extra layer of safety to your pipe and you don't have to worry about sharing the hookah. Try to avoid using the same hose pipe that everyone is using to reduce the risk of infection. Using your additional hose pipe can reduce the attraction of viruses or infections and allows you to enjoy your hookah session without any worry.

 Brass Hookah

Hookah washing tips

Hookah sessions can give you a great deal of enjoyment experience when you are with your friends or family members. But it is also necessary for you to remember that you should provide a proper cleaning for your hookah after every session or else the pungent smell of your hookah tobacco can affect your fun time when you start a new session.

To clean your hookah first, dismantle the hookah and then soak them in a hot water mixed with lemon juice and baking soda or vinegar. Just avoid using dishwashers or soap water because of their chemical components that can be harmful to the body. We all know that hot water is very effective in killing germs and lemon juice or vinegar is used to remove the pungent taste and smell of hookah that comes after every session of hookah. In addition to this, you will also need a Shaft brush and base brush to clean your hookah.

Use the shaft brush to clean the stem of the hookah and then wash the dirt particles with the water. When you are finished with stem cleaning, then take a base brush to scrub the base of the hookah and clean off the residue of stale water. Never try to wash the hose if they are un-washable because it can make the metal parts of the hose rusty and you will not able to use them properly. It's better to buy a silicone-based tubing hose that can be easily washed with warm water.


Pro hygiene tips

In this pandemic situation, it is important to maintain social distancing to avoid getting infected in any way. Also if you don't want any respiratory complications, avoid heavy smoking. To make your respiratory system safe try to avoid using quick-light coals because they produce benzene that is harmful to your lungs. Always use a clean and properly washed hookah and avoid using a dark or unwashed hookah that can induce coughing and can make you prone to corona infection. If you are smoking the hookah tobacco in a closed room it will end up suffocating everyone, so it is recommended to smoke hookah in an open space or in a ventilated room.

Always use fresh and clean water after every hookah session as the stale water produces a bad smell and causes coughing also it can change your happy session into a bad one.

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