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Hookah in Summers

Tips For Smoking Hookah in Summers

The weather outside is warming up and summer is in full swing, hookah lovers are looking for a way to cool their smoke. Your search may include frozen hose tips. Usually freeze silicone water pipes or put ice cubes or mint leaves in water pipe vases. Some people even chew menthol candy while smoking, but this will only disrupt the taste of the tobacco you originally tried. Tick Tock’s Hookah molasses may be the best solution to this dilemma with its brand new "mint" hookah flavors.



Tobacco in America


Since ancient times, the United States has been using tobacco until Europeans discovered America and introduced tobacco to Europe and other countries. From 1400 BC Until 1000 BC, many Native American tribes have been growing and consuming tobacco. 


Many eastern North American tribes put tobacco in bags as an acceptable commercial product and usually smoke it with peace pipes at sacred gatherings. In these times, they even smoked in childhood. They believe that tobacco is a gift from God and that smoking brings human thoughts and desires to heaven. Nowadays there are flavored tobacco molasses in the market.



Tobacco Molasses 


Molasses is the basic ingredient of hookah for smoking. It is composed of various tobacco leaves, and according to the additives and sugarcane mixed in the mixture, you can explore a variety of flavors and unique aromas. 


The term "molasses" was introduced during the conquest of Egypt by the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. People used to smoke "Tombak", which is a kind of tobacco grown and cultivated on the soil of Turkey and Iran. Its preparation process is extremely simple, and its quality is judged only by its type.



How Can You Enjoy Hookah in the Summer?


Barbecue and summer are two things that almost always go together. Add hookah and beautiful music to the formula, and you have an incomparable triangle. Gather your friends, buy some quality pork or chicken, and don't forget your hookah.  


In summers the outdoor hookah sessions at beaches are a wonderful experience. You can also go for a hike with friends, organize a picnic or go for a boat ride if you like adventure activities. Relax in the sun and enjoying the pleasant flavor of its flavored tobacco is unparalleled. Don't let the hot smoke make the situation uncomfortable. Refresh with Tick tock’s Tobacco's mint hookah flavors.


 flavored tobacco molasses



Tips for Smoking Hookah in Summers



Vapor Freeze Tip


Vapor Freeze Tip is an innovation that takes the traditional Hookah smoking experience to a new level. The steam freezing head can be used for almost all types of water pipe hoses on the market, including hoses that provide detachable mouthpieces or handles, and hoses that provide mouthpieces with non-detachable handles. The steam freezing head acts like ice cubes when freezing, allowing the smoke to cool down as it passes through the ice compartment. This cooling effect creates the smoothest and coolest hookah smoking experience. The steam freezing head can also be cleaned and is completely reusable. 

Which Flavors Should You Try?


The only difficult decision before you is what to choose from all the best hookah flavors. Which one is best for you and keeps you refreshed throughout the day? Well, we have listed the most popular types of hookah molasses flavors in summer. Take a look at them and tell us which one you like best.

1. DO-RE-MI-Strawberry Mint


DO-RE-MI-Strawberry mint is definitely a classic flavor you can enjoy all year round. But when paired with weeds, roses, and champagne, it is the perfect summer soda and is undoubtedly one of the most popular hookah flavors in summer.  A perfect mix, suitable for fruity tobacco with Crisp natural mint and icy taste. Try to mix strawberries with any other high-quality hookah flavors with fruity flavors to create the perfect dessert substitute.

 DO-RE-MI-Strawberry Mint


2. MY WAY-Watermelon Mint


What better summer delight than a ripe watermelon? Well, if you're a hookah lover, this could be it. My Way-watermelon mint is one of the best flavors of hookah, and there is a reason. The watermelon is perfectly combined with cantaloupe melon and touches of mint, which will make you forget the high temperature and allow you to relax and enjoy a good time in your favorite hookah bar or home. This flavor gives you many options to combine because it is suitable for tropical and fruit flavors. In addition, it mixes well with red berries. So click on all the combinations and see what you like.

 MY WAY-Watermelon Mint


3. PURE-Ice Lemon


Tick tock Shisha is famous for its mellow flavored hookah tobacco, and has a cooling effect that makes you feel cool, which is the goal of the iced flavor of PURE-Ice Lemon tobacco. The feeling of menthol with tangy lemon produces a very smooth smoke. Cool your throat and create a more enjoyable hookah experience. The natural lemon is mixed with a relaxing fresh mint. It is like a glass of ice water with lemon. If you are looking for a fresh but delicious lemon flavored tobacco, this is a must. And for summers it must have tobacco.


PURE-Ice Lemon




The AUTUMN FLAME-Peach smoke can each be described as spicy while maintaining a silky smoothness on the throat. The faint citrus fruits of nectarine, pepper and ginger add a fragrant floral experience and a spicy aftertaste. If you'd like to take one less bite, you can mix AUTUMN FLAME peach with cream or fruit tea to help emphasize the fruity highlights.


Hope you will enjoy smoking these flavors, and do try vapor freeze tips. You can buy these flavors from our website ticktokhookah.com.  Do share this blog with your friends! 

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