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The Ultimate Hookah Checklist for a Smooth Smoking Experience

The Ultimate Hookah Checklist for a Smooth Smoking Experience

Captivated by this trend if you have made up your mind to take up this popular activity then you should know the fundamentals of smoking Shisha. First and foremost, you need to get a hookah and good flavors. But before that, you need to make and tick the boxes right so that you smoke right getting the most out of this joyful hobby. This brings us to some basic list of items without which it is not very much possible to indulge in the joy of smoking successfully. Although today majority of a hookah comes in a set meaning there is a kit comprising of a bowl, tongs, hose, and grommets.

But surely there is a budget limit restricting the purchase of this amazing device. You can think of getting a hookah like buying a car, you are rarely fortunate enough of getting your first car as an expensive brand new one. But there is always a scope for upgrading when the time is right. That being said it doesn't mean that you have to go and buy the cheapest hookah in the market.


Hookah With Soft Drink


Some essentials can make your regular hookah session go from good enough to a truly perfect hookah session. That encompasses, everything which is necessary to make your smoking experience enjoyable, refreshing, and relaxing. It is not much but a combination of only a few necessary types of equipment that you shouldn't miss on. Therefore, here we have tried to lay down all of that in form of a checklist for you.


1. The most important thing: A good hookah

A solid hookah makes for the centerpiece of every smoking session. Since it is the heart of any smoking session you need to pay close attention to whether the Hookah you got is delivered is with or without the necessary accessories. For instance, many basic models are provided with only half of the required elements. And if you plan to jump right in, then you should ensure you are equipped with a tobacco bowl, ash plate, hose with a mouthpiece along with your water pipe.


2. Suitable hookah tobacco

The next and most indispensable element, you should be securing at all cost is the shisha tobacco or hookah tobacco. You cannot even imagine proceeding without it, since it's the fuel of any hookah session. And the more the fuel more the fun. You can pick from wide-ranging natural fruit to many exotic flavors according to your preferences. If you are a beginner, you can start with nicotine-free smoke or herbal flavors that taste equally good as the regular ones. But whatever you opt for, you should take care that you are purchasing ready to smoke flavor tobacco, having an optimum percentage of moisture for having the best hookah experience. Or else you need to additionally add molasses or glycerin to dampen your tobacco. If it is too dry, then it affects the smoke development by drastically decreasing the clouds.


Hookah Bowl with Steel Cap


3. Aluminum foil, resp. Chimney bowl

After tobacco, you need to have a good quality foil to cover the tobacco filled bowl. That has to be punched with a moderate number of holes in it. So as to place some burning charcoal on it. You can also go for its alternative that is much easier to use than a "chimney bowl " where you just have to put it on the top of the tobacco bowl followed by positioning of the crackling coal on it, and voila! you are all set to enjoy.


4. Hookah charcoal

There are two types of coal available in the market that natural coal and quick lightning coal. Natural coal is basically made from coconut shells that last for a longer period of time and is comparatively hotter than the quick lightning coal. Natural coal makes up for a great alternative as it does not have any flavor in particular at all, which leaves scope for the taste of shisha to evolve immensely.


Clay Hookah Bowl with Coal


5. Coal lighters

To place the sizzling hot coals on the foil resp. in the chimney bowl, makes up a necessary step of the process of setting up your hookah. To do so, you need to have a coal lighter, that will help you with lighting up the coal pieces on the heating coil.


6. Coal tongs

Now, when the work of the coal lighter is over probably you are not going to pick the sizzling cubes of coals with your bare hands to place it on the foil. That's when the coal tongs come in real handy.


Burning Charcoal on Large Bowl


7. Coal basket

A coal basket is necessary because you need to move or store the burning coal in this process. The coal basket saves you from unwanted burns and can contain the coal without burning or catching fire. You can opt for any coal basket which usually comes in a variety of metals.


8. Cleaning brush

After all of this adventure, once you have finished enjoying social time with your friends, you should make it a point to clean your hookah thoroughly for hygienic as well as for quality reasons. If you keep your hookah clean enough next time it will give you a smooth hookah experience. To do so you need to start by dismantling it first and with help of an elongated thin cleaning brush, you can clean your hookah thoroughly. In addition to this, you should rinse it with lukewarm water to remove all the stains make it look really good as well as work really good.


Group of Friends Enjoying Hookah


9. The Perfect Company

Just as double apple flavor can make your hookah session worthwhile a bad apple in your group can ruin the session. Since people are as important as the hookah flavor that you are enjoying with. To have a perfect experience, you should make sure that you are having people around that you enjoy being with, and that people enjoy smoking as well. Because if you have that one person in the group that hogs the hose, tips over hookahs, and make a mess out of coals, then every other element of this checklist can be ruined. Because we all know the idea behind any hookah session is relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore, we should also ensure that the company we have, has the same goal in mind.


10. The Perfect Environment

Although after making sure that you have a perfect setup and a perfect company in place picking up the wrong smoking place or environment can bring everything to fall apart really quick. Hence, it is essential to think and determine what a hookah session is all about. Is it about indulging in great conversation while enjoying smoking with friends? Or is it about blowing huge clouds and displaying some smoke tricks? If it is so then you should ensure perfect lightning and air conditioner to highlight those big clouds and crazy smoke rings. Apart from this you can also improvise and take advantage of the great weather outside by shifting your set up on a deck or patio.


Lastly, you should make it certain that everyone is comfortable sitting around while smoking. And they are not shifting every now and then on hard ground or on some milk crate. Grab some pillows and cushions to bring in coziness and comfort for an amazing and memorable hookah a session

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