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Steps to Clean Your Hookah

Steps to Clean Your Hookah

Hookah nowadays is loved by every person and is also being used in families as a tradition or also for parties. Friends and families gather together for hookah parties and enjoy their time with each other while smoking flavored hookah. Nowadays there is a wide range of flavored hookah flavors. Some prefer to smoke pure tobacco in it but it is harmful to health so most people love to smoke these flavored USA hookah. The hookah has been evolved with time. First, in the starting days, only high-level families can only smoke hookah but with time it changed. Nowadays people smoke hookah at home where they gather around and talk about their stuff and smoke together. This is a way of strengthening the bond between the families and friends. 


Elements of Hookah:

  • Hookah glass basin
  • Hookah hose
  • Hookah charcoal holder
  • Hookah stem
  • Hookah bowl
  • Hookah charcoal heater
  • Hookah mouth tip and holders
  • Hookah grommets
  • Hookah charcoal holder
  • Hookah cleaning supplies
  • Hookah tong
  • Hookah trays
  • Stash containers


The working of hookah is pretty much simple. We just half fill the glass basin first and if you want you can also add some flavor in the water then attach the hookah stem to the basin and then to the stem attach the USA hookah bowl which will contain the flavor and cover it with aluminum foil and do some small holes in the foil and then place the burning coal carefully on the foil and for to smoke the flavor out connect one hookah pipe to the basin and smoke out. You can also put some mouth tips on top of the pipe if you want.

 Cleaned Hookah Bowl and Pipe


Maintaining the sanity of the USA hookah is also important. If not cleaned properly this might damage the hookah and will result in a foul smell in the hookah. The hookah bowl also needs to be cleaned after every use as if not cleaned properly it might create a bad smell as well as fungus in the bowl, so make sure to clean it properly. The same goes for the pipe and other elements. There are delicate parts in hookah also like the rubber grommets which need to be taken care of. Make sure they don’t come in contact with fire as it may damage them properly and then you have to buy new ones.


Following are the steps to clean your hookah:

  • First we need to buy some stuff from the market which includes the brushes and a solution. The brushes are used to clean the file, hose, and glass and these brushes come in different shapes and sizes depending upon what you are using for cleaning which part. They come in handy when you are going for cleaning the parts.The hookah solution is used to clean the hookah glass. The solution not only cleans the solution but also removes the foul smell from the glass. Some like to use lemon juice which is also good for removing the smell and cleaning out the glass.


  • To clean the hookah first you need to disassemble the hookah. Remove each part carefully without damaging them. This is a good way of knowing how each part works and connects. First, put the coal in the charcoal tray then easily remove the aluminum foil as it may be hot so be careful.


  • Remove the hookah bowl which contains the flavor in it. When you have opened the foil take a spoon and slowly remove the flavor from the bowl.


  • Then go for the hookah stem and disassemble it from the basin and remove the pipe from the basin too. Doing this will become easy to clean all the parts.


  • Now it is the time to use those brushes which you have bought earlier. As the entry points of hookah stems and hookah hose and pipe are small and are not easily reachable with hands so that’s where the brushes come in handy. The brushes come in different shapes and sizes in order to reach those spots.

 Bunch of Cleaned Hookahs


  • You can use warm water also as it is the best way to remove the flavors or the ashes that are stuck on the inside of the parts. You can mix lemon juice with it as it will also clean the parts but also removes the smell. There are so many solutions available in the market which is so good at cleaning. It is up to you whether you wanted to use them or not.


  • Make sure you clean your hookah bowl as if there are any leftovers from the previous session they might be there and will burn in the next session. This will have a bad result in the next session as the flavor might get mixed up. Use a soft brush to clean it as you don’t want to damage the finish of the bowl. 


  • The next is the hookah tray; it is the same as you wash your dishes. Make sure you remove all the charcoal remaining from the tray. Then you can simply wash it with your dish bar and then rinse it with a dry cloth which gives it a nice and shining glaze.


  • Take out the rubber grommets carefully from the glass basin and from the pipe. As these are delicate if they come in contact with fire they might get damaged, so take them out carefully. Clean them properly using a dry cloth then washing them with warm water.


  • Now it's the time to reassemble all the parts and put them together. If you are going for another session then you just have to place those parts again in their place and start your session and if you do not then arrange them in a good manner and put them back in the bag and make it ready for the next session.

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