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Hookah Tips

Some Q&A And Tips Every Beginner Hookah Lover Should Read

We think that smoking hookah helps to make calm, good, and objective decisions in all human affairs. By blowing a soft cloud, sitting on an armchair, one person not only smokes a hookah but also experiences it. If you don’t know how to make the perfect hookah for a session you cannot enjoy it. Here, we solve some of the most common problems encountered when handling flavored tobacco molasses, handling coal, and getting ready for a hookah party. 

Tips about Hookah Molasses

How to store Hookah tobacco? 

The following tip to make your hookah taste new is to guarantee that the tobacco is kept in a dry spot, away from direct daylight.

If you know that you do not plan to smoke for a long time in the future, put the tobacco in a zippered bag to prevent air from entering. 

Use fresh, moist, high-quality tobacco

Remember that the basic technique of delicious hookah is tobacco, so be sure to choose a high-quality one. Likewise, in the event that you discover an old tobacco pack, if it's not too much trouble, ensure it was opened in the previous two months. If not, we suggest purchasing another one and don't attempt to utilize the bygone one for any experiments.

When in doubt, follow this quick fix: Mix old tobacco with fresh tobacco for a new taste and experience.

How much Hookah Molasses should I put in the bowl?

An ordinary bowl can hold 15 to 25 grams of hookah tobacco. But we are not psychics. Just put in enough tobacco to fill the container without over-squeezing.



How to use shisha Charcoal Tips 

How much charcoal should I light and how long will they last? 

Generally, a good smoke requires three to four natural coals, depending on how spicy you like the smoke. Another factor to consider is the shape of the natural charcoal. The cube usually lasts an hour and the charcoal cubes will start to disappear in 30-45 minutes.

What type of charcoal should I use? 

It all depends upon the user's personal taste preferences. If you are the restless type, flash is easy to fix, but it is not always the most delicious. Wood, bamboo, or coconut are generally more likable because these are made from natural wood and they don’t get in the way of the taste of hookah tobacco and contain no additives.

If I finish smoking but the charcoal embers are still hot, how can I prevent them from burning? 

Safety first! Never handle coal blocks (or HMD, also known as "heat management devices") by hand. Just pick up your tweezers, walk to the nearest sink, and rinse them with water until they disappear. If the embers are not trivial after they go out, you can save them at any time for later use. Let them dry overnight and voila! You just saved yourself another coal! 


Hookah Charcoal

Some general Hookah's tips 

I find it difficult to inhale the smoke / the smoke is too fine, I can barely see it. Is this how it happens?

Several things can be abnormal. Either you didn't fill your base with enough water or your bowl got too little.  Make sure the water level is 1 to 2 inches higher than the lower stem opening. Practice makes perfect when packing bowls.

How to use charcoal effectively?

Move the charcoal each 5-7 minutes so the tobacco doesn't burn. Additionally, to control heat all the more adequately, the charcoal is broken into small pieces. You will get the best smoke when you use ¾ full adjusts of charcoal at a time.

Heat Management device 

Controlling the heat assists the tobacco with being simmered equitably and won't combust out of control. Hence, find the right balance between the number of aluminum foil layers and the quantity of charcoal. Traditional hookahs require fewer layers, 1-4. You can purchase a different Heat management device (HMD) for customary hookahs; however, it's anything but a panacea. HMD can work on the nature of sessions; however, on the off chance that the balance between aluminum foil and charcoal is inappropriate, it can't be saved. If it's not too much trouble, likewise note that on the off chance that you utilize an HMD, the balance between aluminum foil and measure of charcoal changes. 

I can still taste the flavor I smoked two weeks ago! How can I remove it? 

To wrap things up – don't neglect to make sure to deal with your hookah. Make sure to clean it after every session and even between sessions. Constantly, and we mean al-ways, wash the bowl, the stem, and the container. On the off chance that you don't spotless your hookah, consumed tobacco and smoke will stay on various subtleties. This, shockingly, makes the hookah taste horrible, not new. pick the hose, also – pass warm water through the hose and give it to hang some spot or in the clothesline. In the event that you pack your hose in the wake of washing it, the water will not run out and subsequently leaves an upsetting smell. Along these lines, just review to clean it and your hookah will serve you for a long time, unquestionably! If you often smoke mint, but sometimes want to change the flavor and enjoy the Mint hookah tobacco, please consider preparing 2 straws. Specify one hose for the mint flavor and one hose for all other flavors. Regular cleaning of hookahs, bowls, and all other parts will help prevent flavor contamination.

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