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Is Flavored Nicotine Banned in 2021?

Is Flavored Nicotine Banned in 2021?

The United States is one of the largest consumers of nicotine products all around the globe. According to reports 15.1% of adults of the total U.S. adult population smoke cigarettes every day. That is why it is not a shock why flavored nicotine products have gained huge popularity in the country. Flavored nicotine is generally used in Hookah and Shisha which differs from the tobacco in cigarettes and cigars. Flavored nicotine is often used to mask the heavy smoke and flavor of tobacco. 


A Couple Enjoying Shisha


Flavored nicotine products are prominently used in Hookah and Shisha, the popularity of Hookah has increased among the young minds of the country with each passing day, and the reason is its mass acceptance. This is less harmful when compared with cigarettes and vapes as Hookah filters the smoke passing it through cool water, and eventually reduces the burning of smoke and gives the taste of the flavored nicotine.


Over the years, there has been quite a debate on banning flavored nicotine products, here’s a slight history of the events.


FDA Banned Flavours:

In 2009, FDA was authorized to control tobacco products with the Tobacco Control Act, flavors namely vanilla, strawberry, and cinnamon were banned due to their immense craze in between the youths. Though products such as hookah, cigars, e-cigarettes were available in the market for sale.

Over the years, FDA has always looked forward to initiating a complete ban on tobacco products that affect the youth. Recently California issued a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products, but it was later put on hold. 

Back in November 2019, Massachusetts emerged as one of the first states to completely ban the sale of flavored tobacco and nicotine vapor products. The bill was signed by Republican Gov. Charlie Barker and got into effect straight away.

The new law came intending to reduce the amount of appeal of these flavored tobacco products to young minds after a wave of illness and deaths was recorded relating them to vaping and e-cigarette issues. 

Anti-Tobacco groups came in support of the initiative that resulted in the restriction of the sale and consumption of flavored tobacco products.

Back in 2020, states including Michigan, Montana, New York, Massachusetts, Utah, etc, stood up and imposed a temporary ban and restricted the sale of vaping products.

But later, Massachusetts became the first state to put a permanent ban on all tobacco and nicotine flavored products. This new law restricted the humongous sale of tobacco products in licensed smoking bars, and they were only allowed to be consumed in the licensed site.

The restriction extends to menthol cigarettes and flavored e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and chewing tobacco. It also sets a special 75% tax on nicotine vaping products and gives public health officials new authority to regulate the products.


Traditional Brass Hookahs


What Are The Benefits Of Flavored Tobacco Products:

Flavored tobacco products also have benefited some adult smokers to switch from cigarettes to less harmful nicotine products. FDA has also reported that in some cases, flavored nicotine products have helped people to quit cigarettes. FDA also found a shred of scientific evidence for the conversion of adult cigarette smokers.

Flavored nicotine products used in Hookah and Shisha produce less tar, as they pass through a bowl of water which filters the smoke extremely. The device works with burning charcoal that burns the flavored tobacco and heats up the water. The smoke generated by the charcoal moves through water as it gets filtered and ends up in our lungs through the mouthpiece.

It is also important to choose the right tobacco for your hookah. Sometimes these flavored cigars contain up to twice as much nicotine as conventional tobacco. Although in return there are some that do not include this substance among their main ingredients.


Are Flavored Tobacco Products Banned In 2021?

We can certainly conclude that flavored tobacco products are not banned in 2021. In 2016, FDA speared an extension on its regulatory authority and started covering all tobacco products. There are several places in the country where you might find it difficult to get flavored tobacco products though they are not banned yet. The Federal government has given each state the authority to restrict the sale of flavored nicotine products on their own means. 

With such conservative restrictions, only quite a few places in the U.S. have smoke-free laws, and buying flavored nicotine products has become a huge headache in some parts of the country, though it has not been banned on a national level. 

This is where an online e-commerce website landed and changed the whole narrative of selling nicotine products. You can order them online through https://www.ticktockhookah.com.


How Can You Still Buy Them?

Tons of regulations and a pile of restrictions resulted in a huge downfall in the flavored nicotine products industry, and it resulted in a huge crash. But now, virtual stores like Tick Tock Hookah, have been providing people the products they seek and reviving the industry at their best. 

These online stores are 24*7 open unlike the local stores, and you can place your order almost any time of the day. They are easy to access and guarantee a huge variety of products to give you a large space for preference.

In North America, individuals with center eastern foundations are more into getting to hookah smoking since they have or seen their relatives utilizing it at home or when they go back to visit. Yet, with the prevalence of hookah lounges springing up in numerous corners in metropolitan urban areas, I could securely say that nearly everybody understands what a hookah is, or possibly attempted it. 

Hookah is generally famous among individuals for its different sorts of flavors. Certain flavors are all-inclusive in their prevalence. Regardless of where you visit, you can discover these flavors there with no obstacles.


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