WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Inverted Hookah Bowls

Inverted Hookah Bowl

Inverted Bowl is quite a new concept comprising of other bowls. In the bottom bowl, we put the charcoals and on the top Inverted bowl, we load the shisha tobacco. Customers will love this creative new way of smoking shisha, as it reduces unpleasant charcoal taste and helps extend the life of both the shisha tobacco and the coals, which means a longer session and a happier hookah smoker!

The Hookah Flip bowl weighs approximately 1 pound and has a center of gravity that won't make hookahs tip over or become lopsided except very small hookahs. The Hookah Flip will work on virtually any hookah. 


Pros and Cons

- There is less ash reaching shisha tobacco.

- Easier to handle the charcoals.

- Safer regarding the risk of fire from dropped charcoal

- Won’t break 

- Easy heat management as you can increase or reduce the heat going to the tobacco by adjusting the distance of the coal bowl

- Tobacco juices dripping through the foil holes and on the charcoals (especially the extra juicy tobacco)

- Overall good heat management but it is still possible to burn the tobacco if it is overheated











 Eraser Studio Inc

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