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How to Use Hookah Charcoal Efficiently?

How to Use Hookah Charcoal Efficiently?

Today, there are a plethora of varied brands, shapes, and designs of hookah charcoal available on the market, and with numerous options, trying to make a decision which one is that the best for you'll be overwhelming. 

Today we'll review some basic knowledge about hookah charcoal useful for all hookah smokers and appearance at the foremost common sorts of hookah charcoal.


Types of Hookah Charcoal


The basic function of hookah charcoal is to be the warmth source which will cook your shisha tobacco to supply smoke. Once your charcoals are lit they're placed on top of the foil on your hookah bowl or in your heat management device and therefore the heat they produce will cook the shisha tobacco and produce those sweet sweet clouds, little reminder you can buy Shisha Tobacco Online from our store.


There are several differing types of charcoal available and every style has its own pros and cons, so let's take a glance at each sort of charcoal and what they carry to your session.


Quick Lighting Charcoals


Quick lighting charcoals are what most hookah smokers begin using and these charcoals will appear as small black discs or hockey pucks. As their name implies, this type of coal is getting to be the quickest lighting charcoal available due to being coated during a chemical accelerant which allows them to be lit with a consistent cigarette lighter.


However, this also means these coals will burn extremely  and really fast as compared to other kinds of charcoal which also will have a stronger Odor and taste to them that experienced hookah smokers will tell you experiment with the shisha tobacco flavor making cocktail of flavors. 


When lighting them you'll notice the coals begin to spark and thus the color of the coal will slowly change from black to orange / red because the charcoal heats up then eventually to grey / white once they're fully lit. 


Ensure to attend until the coal has turned grey / white before adding these to your hookah bowl!

Quick Lighting Charcoals

Silver Hookah Charcoals 


Silver style coals are a combination of quick light and natural style coals. These coals are usually square tab shaped and coated with a silver tinted film that acts as a chemical accelerant, allowing them to be lighted using a regular cigar lighter. Due to these coals being during a middle ground between quick lighting and natural style coals they go to supply a medium heat level and fans of these coals say that they need a way lower odor and taste to them in comparison to plain quick light coals.

When lighting these coals they will not create a similar sparking effect as standard quick light coals, but the silver coating on them will begin to shrivel and burn off because the charcoal heats up. 


Ensure to attend until the coal has turned grey / white before adding these to your hookah bowl!


Coconut Hookah Charcoal 


Hookah made from coconuts Charcoal is created from compressed coconut shells and comes in a number of sizes and shapes, the most popular of which is a "flat" or "cube" shape that is free of chemicals. Because of the accelerator coating, they take a little longer to heat up than flashlights or silver flynt coal, but once heated, they burn more efficiently than flashlight coal and have the least odor impact or taste when you smoke. Since natural coal has no chemical accelerator, you will not be able to heat them with a cigarette lighter, so you need to use a single-coil heater to heat them properly. When you ignite these embers, you usually need to place them on a charcoal heater with a “high” setting for about 5 minutes, then use tongs to turn the embers over and let them heat up for another 3-4 minutes. As the embers heat up, you will see that they start to turn red/orange at first, and once they are fully lit, they will turn gray/white. You add Shisha tobacco after coal starts burning properly.


Ensure to attend until the coal has turned grey / white before adding these to your hookah bowl!


Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Natural Wood Hookah


Charcoal Another variation on natural charcoal, charcoal is usually made from lemon wood, orange wood, or bamboo. The most common is "finger" charcoal, although some brands offer larger chunks of charcoal. 


 Like coconut-based counterparts, natural wood charcoal does not contain chemical accelerators, which means you must use a single coil heater to heat them up and it burns longer and cleaner than ignition embers quickly. The taste of your hookah tobacco is minimally affected. When igniting these coals, you typically want to place them in a charcoal heater on a "high" setting for about 5 minutes, then flip the coals over with tongs and let them heat for another 3 to 4 minutes. Flavored Tobacco Molasses can be used to enhance flavor and taste. When the embers are heated you will see them start to turn red / orange, once fully lit they will turn gray / white.


Ensure to attend until the coal has turned grey / white before adding these to your hookah bowl!


How Much Charcoal Should I Use?


One of the most common questions about hookah is how much it should be used during smoking. This may vary, depending on the type of charcoal, hookah tobacco, and bowl used, and your personal preferences for cooking tobacco mine is Mint hookah tobacco, so finding the perfect charcoal setup you may take some trial and error, but here are some good tips to keep in mind.

  1. When using fast-light charcoal, most people use 12 coals at a time. This type of charcoal can be split in half before lighting, so that you can better control the heat applied to the tobacco and make it easier to turn the charcoal around the container with tongs during the hookah process.
  2. When using charcoal, most people use 34 types of charcoal at a time. For very small hookah bowls, you'll use 2 or 3 coals, except for larger hookah bowls, or once you use very moist or juicy hookah tobacco(Apple hookah tobacco), you need more heat to cook the tobacco properly, so natural charcoal 3 4 it is usually perfect for heating in most cases.

    Hope we have covered all your questions about hookah burning charcoal here, but if we missed something, or if you want us to discuss any other hookah topics, please leave a comment below! Do share this blog with your peers.

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