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How to Smoke Shisha?

How to Smoke Shisha?

There are lots of people who love hookah and they love to enjoy their hookah session with their friends and family members. But there are some who don’t know how to smoke the best herbal shisha from hookah pipe, for them here are some steps that could help the new comers:-


Setting up the hookah

1. Learn how a hookah works

The basic parts of the hookah are Bowl, Shaft, Steam, Base, and Hose.

  • The top part of the hookah is called Bowl and it is used to hold the shisha tobacco also including the hot coal above it.
  • As the hot coal is above the bowl, the sucked air in the hookah will pull the heat from the coal. The heat from the coal will bake the tobacco and it will pull the smoke through the main Shaft body of the hookah.
  • The Steam part of the hookah is adjusted at the end of the Shaft, and the smoke moves from the shaft to the steam, and then it enters the Base of the hookah which is mainly made up of glass.
  • The base is filled with water, so the smoke travels through water and air in the base, the water filters the smoke and makes it more dilute and cooler at the same time.
  • The end part of hookah is Hose, so when the smoke travels through the base, the smoke directly moves through the hose and enters your lungs.


2. Clean the hookah

Well, when you buy a new hookah then remember to clean it first before you use them. Also, after every smoking session, you need to clean your hookah to keep away the off-flavor out of your smoke.



Coal Smoke



As we have already explained the different parts of hookah, so try to wash each part of your hookah with soapy water but keep in mind that the Hose of your hookah should be kept away from water, or else it will rusty or rotten if it gets wet. This will prevent you from any type of bad smell or taste that can disturb your mood. Just remember one thing that you should clean your hookah with cold or warm water because hot water can break the hookah glass.


3. Pour water into the base

Now it's time to pour water into the base but for that, you should understand where the stem ends. Now try to separate the shaft from the base and then fill the cold water into the base of the hookah. One important thing to keep in mind is that when you reassemble the shaft with the base, the tip of the steam should be 1 inch below the surface of the water. Do not fill the base completely with the water or else the water will enter the hose and will ruin it. Try to leave some space for air gap so that you can enjoy your hookah session with no disturbance. 


4. Assemble the hookah

Now connect the shaft onto the base and after that try to find a side hole that is located on the side of the shaft and fir the hose into the hole. You can notice that every part of the hookah is connected with a rubber grip to make the fit snug and airtight. After you assemble every part of the hookah then check for the connection between the bowl and the top of the shaft.

After that try to attach all the hoses, no matter if you use only one, all this is just to confirm that the shaft is sealed properly.


5. Test the airflow

Well, you know there is a hole on the side of the shaft, if you want to test the airflow of your hookah then block the side hole with your hand and try to inhale through one of the hoses.



Hookah Smoke



If you are not able to inhale air properly then it means that there is a leak somewhere in the hookah. If you find any leak then try to connect every part again to make your hookah airflow smooth.


Smoking Shisha:

1. Drop best herbal shisha lightly into the bowl

When you open the container of the best herbal shisha then first, try to stir the contents of shisha, until unless all the tobacco particles become moist and clump-free. Well, it is very important for you to make your shisha clump-free so that it provides smooth and clean smoke in your hookah. Now, once you made your shisha clump-free, then sprinkle their contents into the bowl, just try to avoid clogging the holes. Fill your best herbal shisha in about the 3/4th part of the bowl.


2. Cover the bowl with foil

When you fill the flavored shisha into the hookah bowl, now the next step is to cover the bowl with foil paper. We use the normal aluminum foil to cover the top of the bowl so that it can reduce overheating and gives more control. Wrap the foil on the side of the bowl so that it becomes secure.


3. Poke holes in the foil

Now when you have covered your bowl with aluminum foil, try to make some holes in the foil so that more hot air can flow through the shisha. Try to use a toothpick or a needle to make small holes of a count approx 15 holes.



Bunch of Hookah Pots



First, try to smoke your hookah with these holes and if you do not get enough smoke then add some more holes in the foil.


4. Light a couple of charcoal

Well, the coals vary with the size of the hookah bowl, but in the normal way, you can add 2 or one and a half coal above the foil of the bowl. Just remember to use charcoals that are mainly used for hookah only. Try to light the coal with your lighter for 10-30 seconds.

Do not use natural coals because they can produce harsh smoke, can burn the shisha, and can cause headaches to you.


5. Warm your bowl

Once your coal is burnt, now attach the bowl above the shaft. Now add the coal on the foil and try to warm your shisha for few minutes to get better results.


6. Smoke gently

Now draw air from the hose with your full breath at a normal breathing pace. When you inhale the smoke it will heat up the shisha and now you can enjoy your hookah session with your close friends without any disturbance.

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