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Hookah Shisha

How To Set Up a Hookah?

A moment of chill air, a life full of secret smoke, adorn your inner sense with the joy of smoking the best.


Always wanted to enjoy that dreamy shisha but never had the opportunity to make one for yourselves? Don’t worry we are doing our part by providing an easy step by step tutorial and you will be a pro in one go.


Setting Up The Hookah Stand


Check for the parts:


Check if all the parts are available and not damaged. If any of the parts are missing or damaged feel free to contact us immediately. The details are mentioned at the end of this article. The parts you should check for are listed here:

1. Glass vase
2. Stem
3. Hose
4. Top bowl
5. Charcoal tray
6. Tong
7. Rubber seal on all the three attachments.


Hookah Stand


Cleaning of the parts:

Clean up the vase thoroughly to remove dirt or any residue if present. Fill the vase with lukewarm water and some detergent and shake well.  Using a scrub or a brush, scrub out any residue particles. Wash it up with water unless all the unwanted particles are removed. Scrubbing with the brush ensures that no dust particles or residue remains stuck to the surface. This step can be used to clean up your Hookah after every use. 


Filling in water:


Fill up the vase halfway with clean water. If the neck of your vase is taller, fill it up before the neck to avoid spilling or overfilling. You can also use ice as an alternative for a better sensation. Make sure you do not fill water up to the brim.


Assembling the parts:


Carefully place the stem into the vase. Ensure that the rubber seal of the stem is closely bound with the vase. This will prevent the pipe from falling off. Check for the quantity of water in the vase. If there is too much it may leak or overflow, adjust the water accordingly.


Next step is connecting the hose to the hookah stem. Attach the rubber seal to the side of the stem where a hole is present to attach the hose. Ensure that the hose is tightly sealed with the hookah stem to avoid falling off. Check and adjust the quantity of water again since overflowing can lead to damage to the hose. This can further be troublesome for your shisha experience.


Checking the airflow through the pipe:


To check the accuracy of the airflow through the pipe, cover the top of the hookah pipe so that no air can flow through it. Now inhale through the hose. If air comes through it the connection of your hose and pipe is not tight enough. Retighten the pipe and the hose and ensure there is no airflow.


Attaching the tray and bowl:


Fix the metal tray to the pipe by twisting it gently and then place the bowl at the space provided on the top. Your hookah setup is complete.


Adding shisha flavor to the Hookah bowl:


Since your hookah is assembled now, you need to prepare the flavors you want to infuse:



Placing the flavor:


Pick up any Tick Tock Hookah flavor of your liking and place it into the bowl. Fill up the bowl with the amount of herbal flavor that can fit into it. Do not exceed the brim as the flavor can stick onto the foil and hence will not generate much flavor during the hookah session.


Packing the bowl:


After filling the bowl will flavor cover it up with a foil and seal it tightly.


Hookah Flavors


Adding the charcoal:


It is necessary to buy the correct charcoal for your hookah. The amount of charcoal required for the hookah will depend upon the intensity of the experience you want with your shisha. You can initially start with 2 charcoal and if the intensity you want is not served with 2 you can add one more to it (it can vary accordingly).


Burning the charcoal:


Hold the charcoal using the available tong and place it on a flame ( gas stove flame is recommended when using at home). Leave the charcoal on the flame until you get a glowing orange light. The duration of the burning will depend upon the type of charcoal you have placed.

*Caution- Do not place the charcoal into the microwave for burning. Take necessary precautions while burning the charcoal on live flame.


Placing the charcoal the stand:


Once the charcoal has burnt to your desired amount gently place it on the foil over the bowl. Be cautious that the foil doesn’t tear. Ensure placing the charcoal towards the center keeping in mind that the foil doesn’t sink in. Make sure that the foil doesn’t touch the herbal flavor placed into the bowl.

Now you have your hookah ready.


Hookah Charcoal



How to use:


With the help of the hose attached to the stand inhale the diffused flavors as long as you want. You can hold up the smoke as long as possible to retain the desired flavors fully.


And here you go! We hope this step by step procedure of setting up your hookah was helpful enough. If you still have further queries feel free to contact us and one of our staff will get in touch with you in order to make your experience more pleasant. Have a delightful hookah session with your loved ones. Hope you enjoy it.

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