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Hookah Bowl

How to Perfectly Pack Your Hookah Bowl?

What is Hookah? 


Hookah is a water pipe, which is made for smoking flavored tobacco molasses. Hookah is also known by different names such as Shisha, Hubble-bubble etc. Historical records show that hookah originated in India centuries ago. After that, hookah became so famous around the world that consuming it was considered a symbol of prestige in many places. Especially in Middle East countries like Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey etc., its consumption was seen increasing rapidly.  Smoking a hookah is in fact the most diplomatic celebration of individual differences and different tastes.


Middle Eastern pipes are also known as Hookah in the United States of America, this international sensation is known by many names in many countries. Some people call the pipe "shisha", while some reserve the word "shisha" for tobacco. The term "shisha" is derived from the ancient Indian word hukka, or "coconut," and the first hookah was made from it. In the Middle East, magic hookahs are often referred to as "nargile".



What is a Hookah Bowl?

A hookah bowl is a vessel that is also known as hookah head. It is made of clay, marble, or glass which is used to hold charcoal and tobacco molasses.  The bowl is loaded up with tobacco and afterward covered with wire network or punctured aluminum foil. A little charcoal is then positioned on top, permitting the tobacco to warm to the right temperature. 


Hookah bowls can regularly be produced using an assortment of natural products, for instance by slicing a pineapple two parts from the middle. The natural product is dug out and punctured to accomplish a dirt bowl shape and framework, then, at that point, it is stacked and utilized in a similar way. 


The bowls have advanced as of years passed to fuse new plans that keep tobacco juice from streaming down the stem. Shisha smokers are uninformed about the importance of properly preparing hookah bowls for a shisha session. How you pack your hookah bowl has a major influence in the quality and lifespan of a session and stacking a bowl ought to never be hurried. With the goal that you can partake in the best experience when smoking shisha, we will take you through the way toward pressing a hookah bowl, in only 4 easy simple steps.


Hookah Shisha Bowl

You need:


1. Hookah Molasses  
2. Cutting-board
3. Sharp Knife
4. Paper towel
5. Fork
6. Hookah bowl


Cut the hookah molasses leaves into uniform size

Hookah tobacco comes in various shapes and sizes, so if you want a consistent smoke and taste, it's crucial to start with a consistent mix, which means making some trimmings before using the shooter. First, sprinkle a handful of tobacco leaves with water on the cutting board. Using a sharp knife cut the leaves into strips of about 1-2 cm, making sure that the length of the strips is as even as possible. The finer cut provides hot air with a larger tobacco surface area and is easier to handle when filling the hookah mix into the container. Don't try to cut corners with scissors or coffee grinders; the length of the leaves will be inconsistent and too thin to smoke properly.



Dry the tobacco molasses mix

Once you are satisfied with the cut, place the hookah mixture in half of an absorbent paper towel, fold the other half on top and press gently a few times to absorb excess molasses, and then extract the glycerin from the leaves. This will help to quickly heat up the mixture and prevent a build-up of "hot spots." Be careful not to let the mixture get too dry, as this will result in a hotter and rougher session.



Prepare the hookah molasses mix 

Spread the hookah mix on the cutting board with a fork so that it is quite flat. Separate the leaves and stir/roll the mixture with a fork so no large chunks will stick together. Be sure to clean excess molasses and glycerin from the cutting board, and then continue to flatten and roll the mixture until it is fluffy and airy. Now you are ready to fill the hookah bowl.


Hookah Bowl



There is nothing worse than starting to smoke a hookah, only to find that it is impossible to smoke from the hookah, or the smoke is very hot and pungent, which makes people uncomfortable to smoke. Improper container packaging will lead to one of these bad hookah experiences. In order to allow air to circulate and even burn, you don't want to pack the bowl too tightly. Now use your fingers or a fork, slowly fill the bowl with filling lines. After that dust a little more hookah molasses mixture on top so that it lightly touches the bottom of the foil or screen, but does not crush it. If you have a chimney set or a Heat Management Device (HMD) such as Lotus and Razor, this technique also works; just make sure you get the correct filling height so that the mixture will not be compacted. Make sure that there are no loose hookah lines on the rim or inner rim of the bowl, as they will hinder the seal.


That's your perfectly loaded hookah bowl, of flavored tobacco molasses.  Now place the bowl on the stem, place some hot hookah coals on the foil, and enjoy smoking! Do comment and share!

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