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How to make hookah smoke colored?

How to make hookah smoke colored?

A hookah is a famous tool or instrument used for instrumental purposes. It has been around for a long time since it originated in the middle east. It is mainly used for smoking tobacco and other recreational activities. It is often used in personal space or even at parties with friends.

The hookah has a huge fan following all over the world. People are always coming up with new tricks and ideas on how to make the experience more enjoyable. For example, there are multiple flavors available nowadays for hookah. Traditionally, people only used pure tobacco, which can be a little harsh. You can find the best flavors here.

One of the questions that are often asked by hookah lovers is about the smoke color. We have seen multiple photos and videos on social media of people exhaling colored smoke. Here, we will tell you how you can achieve the same effect.

First of all, the smoke you are producing must be thick. Thick smoke has a rich color and looks vibrant. It looks very distinct and enhances the visual appeal. To make the smoke thicker, you should follow the given steps.


How to make hookah smoke colored?



Creating Thicker Smoke

  • Use Ice and water in the hookah base to get thicker smoke. The water should be covering the bottom stem of the hookah. You should use an iced hookah hose. It condenses the smoke, making it thick.
  • A sure-shot way of producing thick smoke is adding more shisha to the base. You can use a fork or your fingers to adjust the shisha. Put the new one at the bottom in place of the old one.
  • Another way of producing dense smoke is by using a diffuser. A diffuser is a device used to make the rumbling sound go away. It filters the large particles. This results in high-intensity smoke.
  • Try different kinds of hoses. Different sizes have different effects on smoke intensity. Try and see what suits you the best. This is especially for the first-timers. First-timers can get awesome deals on hookah essentials here.


Now that we are ready with thick white smoke, it’s time to color it! Let us discuss how to make colored smoke from a hookah.


How to make hookah smoke colored?


How to produce colored smoke

This might disappoint the anxious ones, but there are no products available for producing colored smoke. People have tried for a long time but there is no one way of producing smoke that works every time.

That said, it is not like you cannot do anything. There are several methods which you can use which we will be listing. Try all of them and see what works for you. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully to get the best results.


Using Photoshop

Well, we are simply being realistic here. Since there is no sure-shot way, people are using it to make the smoke look colored. Social media is full of pictures that have been edited to make the smoke look colored.

The upsides are that the smoke can be of any color. Any color of your choice can be used. You can even try combinations. People even go as far as to color multiple rings of smoke with every ring of a different color. It looks very attractive.

Also, it has the advantage of creating the perfect smoke. In real life, smoke is hard to capture on camera, looking as good as it should. But using Photoshop, you can create interesting patterns of smoke. Colouring is a lot more fun with good smoke patterns.

So, ask for help from some of your friends. Or you can take matters into your hand and add colors of your choice. You can also add cool filters to the background as well.


How to make hookah smoke colored?

Use Lighting to your advantage

Time to get creative! To get a realistic effect of color in your smoke, try using the lighting to your advantage. The room you are sitting in can help you change the color of the smoke. Also, what time of the day you chose for the experiment also matters.

First of all, try using a dimly lit or darker room for the session. This makes catching even slight color variations easy. This is also why you should consider having a smoke session at night. Also, there are fewer reflections for the eye or camera to get caught in and miss the color in the smoke.

Use distinct color led lights to give your smoke a colored appearance. Instead of using big lights, use smaller ones which you can use to project the light at a certain position. Also, a small source of light in dark is so captivating that a whole room trenches in one particular light.

You can take help from your friends to hold the light at a specific angle. For example, holding it with your hands, close to the camera for a chin shot is a good idea. Make sure the light is only absorbed by the smoke and keep the surroundings dark. 


Produce colored smoke using chemicals

Let us stop you right there. As we have discussed before, there are no safe flavors or devices available to change the color of the smoke. This means that no chemical is safe enough to inhale into your lungs.

There are multiple recipes available out there that claim to produce colored smoke. Most of these recipes involve using magnesium or some other chemicals which produce a colored flame when subjected to fire.

These chemicals are not safe to inhale and you should not consider using these chemicals. They are a health hazard.



Hookah is a very interesting recreational activity. The thought of colored smoke only adds to the joy of smoking. But, it is important to distinguish the safe methods from the unsafe. Using lights to your advantage is key. Try different sources of light at different positions. Using a good device and photoshop are the next big thing. Master these steps and rock the blues away! 

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