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Coals for hookah, Tick Tock Shisha USA

How to choose the right hookah coal?

Are you confuse when you are walking in smoke shops to pick right coals! Two things are super important for hookah lovers that is tobacco and coal. Picking the right coal seems easy, but it can affect quality of smoking. in this Article we try to help you to find out what kind of coals is good for you. how you can choose the right hookah coal? What’s the proper amount of coal for hookahs?


Charcoal categories

The hookah coals can be divided into two categories:


1- Instant (quick lighting)

 Is kind of coal that hookah launch use all the rimes. choose the instant quick lighting coal if you want to be started your sessions fast. Quick lighting coals take only as little as 30 seconds to fully ignite. This kind of coals are more expensive. In term of taste, it does not have special taste can affects your smoking.

Instant coals for hookah  


2- Natural coals:

Natural coal is good if you want to experience a fresh, all organic hookah. Traditional natural coals take up to about 10 minutes to fully ignite. This kind of coals are cheaper. In terms of taste, we highly recommend choosing traditional natural. If you want to add more flavor you can use kind of coal that made of fruits trees like lemon tree coal. Also, hookah sessions with natural coal rarely end with a headache.

Natural coals for hookah










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