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How Online Shopping Has Revived Hookah in the USA

How Online Shopping Has Revived Hookah in the USA

The United States, with a population of about 332 million people, is one of the most advanced and civilized countries in the world. So, it wasn’t so difficult for hookah tobacco and shisha smoking to gain widespread love and attention across the states.

Hookah is built with a mechanism that allows the filtering of smoke and concentrates by passing it over cool water, reducing the effects of burning and smoke on the final flavor that gets to the lungs. This is perceived to be a healthier and much more enjoyable way to have a drag of one’s favorite variety of shisha tobacco flavors. So, the reason for the massive acceptance isn’t far-fetched. 


Hookah with Cocktails


From lounges to bars, hotels, and local stores, getting one’s favorite brand of tobacco and hookah to puff or smoke with was never a thing to worry about. Just as you would find a salon in every corner of the states, local hookah shops were a staple of every town. But, sooner than ever imagined, the possibility of getting a hookah to smoke one’s favorite tobacco and concentrates became short-lived. 

Through the FDA, the United States government came up with some policies and regulations that either forced local hookah stores out of the state or totally out of business. 

In 2016, FDA extended its regulatory authority to cover all tobacco products, including hookah tobacco. Therefore, leading to an unprecedented halt in the labeling, promotion, advertising, sale, and distribution of hookah tobacco in the United States. 

The tobacco used for hookah was once taxed at a lower rate than a cigarette in the states and the federal level. The bid to regulate hookah in the country birthed a hike in the tax for hookah tobacco, which contributed to its extinction in the states. 

Now, you may have to walk or drive 10-15km even in the city’s metropolitan suburbs to find a local store that sells hookah pipes or shisha tobacco, and then, you’d be so lucky to find a variety of your favorite brands. Yes! It became that bad!

The Federal government even went as far as giving each state and localities the authority to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products or any tobacco-related accessories like hookah. 

With all these strict regulations, and only a few states having smoke-free laws, the days for enjoying hookah tobacco in the United States became aggressively numbered. 

But, just when the interest and sale of hookah tobacco were nosediving, and die-hard hookah smokers going through a lot of tussles and struggles to get their favorite tobacco flavor, the advent of online shopping changed the whole narratives. 


How Exactly Did Online Shopping and Internet Revive Hookah in the USA?

With series of regulations and prohibitive rules, the hookah industry was hit by a wrecking ball (much bigger than the one in Miley Cyrus’s video).

This led to the idea of having a virtual store that has now revived hookah love not only in the United States but worldwide. 


How Online Shopping Has Revived Hookah in the USA


Here are some of the ways online shopping has revived the hookah industry in recent years.


Suppose you’ve ever had to walk for miles just to get a store that sells your favorite hookah pipe or tobacco flavor. In that case, you’ll agree that being in underwear in your living room while browsing through available hookah stores on your smartphone or laptop is much easier and more fun. This wasn’t conceivable 20-50 years ago, but with online shopping, shisha lovers need no physical store that sells shisha pipes and their favorite tobacco flavor ever again. 


24/7 Availability

Before it was possible to shop for your shisha hookah online, you just had to be on time as you can only get these products during the physical shop’s opening hours. Today, with online shopping for your favorite tobacco and shisha hookah, there is no more yielding to shop opening hours as vape lovers can now place their orders at any convenient time of the day. 


Easy Access to Varieties

Where there is convenience, access to variety is guaranteed. Gone are the days where you need to move from stores to stores searching tirelessly for your favorite brands. With online shopping comes the ease of access to varieties even at the comfort of your homes. 

If you are not checking the popular hookah stores like https://ticktockhookah.com, for your list of favorite varieties, then you can always use GOOGLE to get the one that has exactly what you are looking for. It’s that simple!


Price Comparison

The fact that online shoppers can compare prices from different stores on the go without making several phone calls to multiple stores has made online shopping the new latest thing in the hookah industry. 

With online shopping, hookah lovers can now walk across hundreds of shops while shopping only from the ones with the best prices without having to leave their bedroom. Shoppers don’t have to be disappointed at a store’s price anymore as there are hundreds of other stores with the same products with possibilities of lower prices. 



From customer feedback and reviews, it is a lot easier to tell the authenticity and transparency of an online store in terms of quality and product content. 

You may have to test the product yourself in a physical shop to see how good it is and how much it meets your needs and vaping fantasies. With online shopping, hookah lovers don’t even need to purchase a product before getting an insight into how credible the product is. 1 review can be untrue, but what about 50, 100, and even up to a thousand customer feedback in big online stores? It is easier to weed out unscrupulous stores in the business with online shopping and only get quality from reputable stores. 


Fruits at the Corner of a Pool


Final Verdict:

Online shopping has brought a never-seen level of comfort and ease of access to every vaping, smoking, hookah, and tobacco product.

With just a push of a button, getting your favorite blunt accessories has never become any easier. 

For hookah companies, advertising has also become a lot easier. They can now reach hookah lovers with online banners, ads, online commercials, paid and organic traffic, and so much more. 

There is no doubt that online shopping has saved the hookah industry is not just in the USA but also across the globe.  

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