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Cleaning Hookah

Cleaning Your Hookah: How to Properly Clean a Hookah?

When dealing with the residue from your previous hookah session, enjoying a present relaxing hookah session can weaken over time. This annoyance will eventually destroy what is supposed to provide a good hookah session, so knowing how to clean your hookah the right way will avoid dealing with this problem.  As a hookah owner, you should know that the foundation of a good hookah experience is a clean, well-prepared hookah. Caring for your hookah between meetings will help extend the life of your hookah and make it taste fresher and better, thus giving you a great hookah experience.


This is a guide to the smartest cleaning and maintenance methods for hookahs. We recommend basic cleaning after each use (not after each hookah, but after smoking every day or night). In addition to basic cleaning, we recommend a more thorough cleaning once a month.



The Benefits of Cleaning Water Pipes 

Better Hookah Sessions 

Everyone is looking for ways to improve the use of water pipes. Cleaning your hookah pipe may be the most important way to achieve consistent quality hookah smoking activities. Flawless hookah stands for the pure flavor of your flavored tobacco molasses. There is no additional external scent or ghost smell from past conversations. Nobody wants to bubble in the mold due to old water or rust particles in the flush valve. Tip: Make sure to clean the hookah thoroughly to eliminate adverse effects.

best hookah sessions

What Supplies Do I Need? 

You must start with the right supplies. You can use Cleaning Liquid such as dish soap, vinegar, lemon juice because it can deeply clean the base and stem of the hookah. You should also make sure you have a stem and base brush, which is more effective than just using water. 

Water Pipe Disassembly

An important step in cleaning the water pipe is to completely disassemble it. Taking the water pipe apart can help you understand how it works. Study how each part fits together and how the different parts work. This can help you solve future conversation problems! Break it down to the hose and bowl-shaped rubber gasket. If you are using charcoal trays, adapters, and hookah diffusers, remove them. If possible, separate all parts of the hookah rod, including the bottom and the rod down. This makes it easier to clean the inside of accessories and all small parts where dust collects, and will increase your hookah knowledge and enhance future hookah sessions.

Cleaning The Hookah Stem, Base and Bottom Stem

Run warm water down the metal rod, drench the rod brush, and shove it inside one end of the hookah rod. Move the brush 6-10 inches of tubing back and forth at a time to complete the entire length of tubing. If the tube is longer than the brush, you can insert the brush at the other end and clean the rest of the tube. The brush does the job for you and loosens any Shisha tobacco juice or glycerin remaining inside. Inject more hot water back into the pipe and repeat with a brush.

Cleaning Hookah Hose

Most hookah hoses are not washable. Do not let water flow through the hose, because there is a metal coil inside the hose, it will begin to corrode or rust. Just hang the hose in a cool and dry place to get the longest service life. If your hose is advertised as a "washable hose" lined with plastic or made of a plastic tube structure, you should not do anything other than flush it with hot water. Do not put washable hoses in the dishwasher or washing machine. They will fall apart because the exterior is not designed for these conditions. Only the plastic inside the hose can be handled when exposed to moisture. Always remember to hang the hose to dry.


hookah hose

Cleaning Hookah Bowl

Wash the hookah bowl after each use. Every time you smoke, any remaining hookah will burn and affect your flavored tobacco. At least give it a good rinse. How to clean the hookah bowl is very simple. Scrub with a soft brush to avoid damaging the enamel or finish of the bowl, to make it last longer, and to make sure the shaft is free of debris. You can even use a hookah charcoal bucket to scrape off some charred hookah molasses, but be sure to scrub and rinse it off.

Hookah Tray 

Wash the hookah tray like dishes. Remove all charcoal residues from the hookah and make sure it is completely dry. Wet charcoal is not very helpful.

Rubber Gaskets and Adapters 

Rubber gaskets help seal the water pipes and allow smoke to flow. Keeping them clean is essential to the quality of your session. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Brushes may also help. If necessary, soak to remove buildup. Make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly before reassembling. Also, use a rough brush to clean the hose joints.

Cleaning The Purge Valve

Perhaps this is easiest place to accumulate dirt but, also the hardest place to clean. If your bb purge valve gets stuck, it can spoil your entire session by not allowing you to remove acrid smoke. Completely disassemble and clean the adapter with a brush. Rub the bb to remove any rust or rust, and then reassemble!


Ta-da it’s done. After every part is dried, reassemble the hookah and start your next hookah activity! If you loved reading this blog and found it informative then please share it with your friends!

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