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When To Change Your Hookah

A Detailed Guide: When To Change Your Hookah

What brought you to this article? Wait! Are you wondering about your Hookah? Has it lately got you thinking that probably you could now go for a new one? Here are a few indications that may help you understand when your Hookah needs to be changed. Usually if you are smoking shisha tobacco regularly the suggested time would be around 3-4 months. But it depends on what Hookah you are smoking and the temperature level you are smoking. 


With the development of the USA hookah industry, the situation has changed, and many manufacturers insist that their hookahs will serve you "forever". Be that as it may, the "eternal" hookah is still a utopia. How do you know when it's time to change your device?


Let's discuss further and know when we need to change our hookah device so that we can enjoy smoking flavored tobacco molasses like Mint hookah tobacco, Apple hookah tobacco etc.


Signs That You Need To Get A New Hookah


a. Flavor of Shisha is getting odd
b. Appearance of rust
c. Cracks and fractured components
d. Discoloration of the hose


a. Flavor of Shisha is Getting Odd


The first sign is that the flavor of your shisha is odd. If the flavor from earlier activities starts to spill over to subsequent sessions, your hookah “may” be past its expiration date. It’s possible that a good scrub will solve the problem. If this is the case, you should start looking for a new hookah.


To avoid this from happening, we can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to wash your complete setup after each and every session. Also, wash it as soon as possible after your workout; the earlier the better.

Do the above shared tips and get rid of odd shisha flavor so that you can smoke flavored tobacco molasses to get into the another world.


When To Change Your Hookah



b. Appearance of Rust


The second phrase is the appearance of rust. There isn’t much you can really do about it one, unfortunately. The excellent thing is that most modern vape lines are manufactured with higher-quality components that are less susceptible to corrosion (or wouldn’t not rush at all). Investing in a more pricey hookah isn’t always the most cost-effective long-term answer. Likewise, promptly cleaning your hookah after each session can help prevent rust.


If you really love your hookah device, make the habit of keeping it clean after using it. Also you need to keep it dry as much as possible. Otherwise you need to say good bye to your favorite hookah device soon.



c. Cracks and Fractured Components


Cracks and fractured components are the third sign. We understand that most of you will think this is self-evident. Despite this, we often witness people strolling about with worn-out, beaten-to-death hookahs that appear to have been discovered in a vanished civilization’s excavations. We understand that just because something appears to be in poor condition does not mean it is not functional, but when it comes to hookahs, it almost always is. Even the tiniest fractures can reduce the quality of your experience, and the effect will only get worse as time goes on.


When to change your Hookah


d. Discoloration of the hose


To end on a brighter note, we’ll go over some situations in which only the pipe, not the complete vape, needs to be replaced.


There is no need to panic if your brilliantly colored hose begins to deteriorate. This is quite natural. It will not return to its former color after washing, but it will still function properly. Please note that it will ultimately need to be replaced because it will alter the flavor of your hookah.


It has a strange odor about it. Testing the fragrance of your hose on a regular basis is a good idea because it is a reliable indicator of its condition. If it does have an off-putting odor, try washing it in heated air with lime juice. If the odor persists, you’ve run out of options and it’s better to upgrade your hoses.


Hope we have covered all your questions about changing your hookah, but if we missed something, or if you want us to discuss any other hookah topics, please leave a comment below! Do share this blog with your peers. We hope this information is useful to you in making your decision, and we wish your hookah a long life! 

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