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Best Shisha Bowl

What is the best Shisha Bowl?

A hookah bowl is the top of the hookah. It is normally made out of clay, marble or glass and it works by holding the shisha under the coals. So, the heat will be given from the burn coals to the shisha and then will create smoke. Picking the right bowl is required for perfect heat control. If you don’t control the temperature of the bowl you will get dry shisha or burn fast your hookah tobacco. There are many youtube video or social media photo that you see people are using fruits instead of hookah bowls. As a result, is very important to use one of the best hookah bowls available in the hookah market or your town smoke shop.

Do you know different type of hookah shisha Bowl?
Over the years hookah transfer from country to other countries. Therefore, base on the cultures and need hookah and shisha bowl got changed several types. Even they have a different style of gathering and smoking for hookah place and lounge. There is 9 type of hookah bowl:

1- Egyptian bowls

Egyptian shisha bowls are clay or ceramic bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the tobacco container. Egyptian Bowls are the most widely used shisha bowls. Read More..


2- Vortex bowls

Vortex bowls have a spike at the middle of the bowl. Compare to other types of shisha bowls, Vortex Bowls do not have holes at the bottom and hold the tobacco juices for a longer time. Vortex bowls are made from clay, pyrexsilicon, aluminum, etc. Read More..


3- Phunnel bowls

A Phunnel bowl does not have holes at the bottom. Instead, have an open hole spike at the middle. Read More..


4- AppleOnTop Bowl

AppleOnTop is a new shisha bowl that came into production in 2013. AppleOnTop has some similarities to a vortex and other bowls. It has spiked with 4 holes at the middle of the bowl. So, it is made of aluminum and it comes with a screed for the coal so it is not used with aluminum foil.Read More..


5- Inverted Bowl

Inverted Bowl is quite a new concept comprising of other bowls. In the bottom bowl, we put the charcoals and on the top Inverted bowl, we load the shisha tobaccoRead More..

6- Crown Bowl

The Crown Hookah bowl was introduced by Minzari. A crown bowl is similar to Inverted Bowl. It has of two bowls. The upper bowl is packed with shisha tobacco and the bottom bowls hold the charcoals. Read More..


8- Ebowl (Electronic and Electric Bowls)

The E-Bowl is the latest electronic hookah bowl on the market, offering hookah fans the easiest way to vape their favorite shisha flavors while using their hookah pipe.Read More..

9- Syrian Bowls

Syrian hookah bowl is something similar to others. So, the difference between a Syrian and other shisha bowl is that the hookah tube goes inside the base. This can not change the quality of smoke and can give you quality like Egyptian shisha bowls.  Read More..


Hookah bowls come into different colors and different size. Choosing a good shisha bowl with good heat management system will allow you to enjoy longer sessions with great tasting smoke. Therefore, smoking your favorite tobacco becomes easier if you use a hookah bowl that you can handle without having to worry about getting burned.
Choosing one of the many different hookah bowls could be difficult in the beginning. However, if you decide to go with one from our best hookah bowls list, you should absolutely be fine! We hope that you enjoyed our article.
We hope you like our article please take look on our picture below to recognize the difference between hookah bowl types:



1- Egyptian bowls

Egyptian shisha bowl
2- Vortex bowls

vortex shisha bowls
3- Phunel bowls

Phunel shisha hookah bowls
4- AppleOnTop Bowl

AppleOnTop shisha Hookah bowl
5- Inverted Bowl

Inverted shisha hookah bowl

6- Crown Bowl

Shisha Crown Bowl

7- Glider Bowl

Glider hookah shisha bowl
8- Ebowl (Electronic and Electric Bowls)

Electronic Hookah Bowl Bowl for hookah
9- Syrian Bowls

 Syrian Shisha Bowl






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