WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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What is Egyptian Hookah Bowls?

What is Egyptian Hookah Bowls?

Egyptian shisha bowls are clay or ceramic bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the tobacco container. Egyptian Bowls are the most widely used shisha bowls.
Egyptian Hookah Bowls
What is Egyptian Bowls Pros and Cons?
- Low cost
- Ash contamination. Ashes pass through the foil and get into the shisha.
- Possible burning of the tobacco. The tobacco heats unevenly and from time to time the tobacco overheats (burns) giving a bitter tasteless smoke.
 - Clay bowls can break Easily.
Egyption hookah Bowl
How Egyptian Bowl Works?
Fill the bowl with tobacco and cover it with aluminum foil. On top of the aluminum foil, place the charcoals. 

What is  Egyptian Bowl Price?
There are plenty of sellers online with quite similar products. The quality and prices of the bowls vary.
You can find online  Egyptian bowl price from 2-7 USD and material is clay or ceramic. 
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