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Types of Hookah Charcoal

Types of Hookah Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the most important parts of hookah, it can make or break your hookah session. If you are using bad quality coal with good hookah tobacco flavours then it ruins your smoking experience.

Here are some best types of hookah coals.

 Hookah in the Open


Cocourth hookah coals

It is another type of coconut coal that provides 100% natural coals and they do not provide any smell of their own. Also, these natural coals do not alter the taste of the hookah. These coals can last up to 60 minutes on your hookah. Cocourth is one of the best eco-friendly coal as the production of this coal does not require any cutting of trees and the company is proud of this.

You will not need to change single coal during your usa hookah session due to its long-lasting performance and there is no extra chemical added to this coal so it does not cause any harm to the body or the environment.

The price of this coal is lesser than any other hookah coals in the market.


Coco Nara charcoal

This is one of the top leading coconut coal in the market for hookah. It is one of the most common coals used by customers in the hookah tobacco flavours market.

Well, it is made of compressed coconut shell that's why it takes up to 5-8 minutes to burn and to glow red. It does not have any taste and can last for more than 1 hour. These coconut coals do not contain any sulfur and provide less than 5% ash while burning. Like other coals, it does not provide any spark while burning. Well, these coals are produced as eco-friendly coals and are not costly to your pockets.

The Coco Nara charcoal is the best choice for hookah tobacco flavours lovers.

 Cube Coals in Smoke


Red Cube charcoal

Well, these charcoals are made up of coconut husk and are produced as a high-quality product. There is no chemical added to this coal so they are not harmful to the body or the environment. These coals do not provide any smoke while burning, neither they have any smell, nor they provide any spark while you light them. Red Cube charcoals are produced as eco-friendly, they are easy to light and can last for more than an hour. The ash quantity while burning this coal is very less and it contains a very small percentage of moisture in it.

The name Red Cube is given because of its attractive look and when you light the coal it becomes red cube-shaped coals similar to its name.


Titanium coconut shell hookah coal

Similar to Coco Nara, these coals are also made of compressed coconut shells and are 100% natural in quality. Titanium is one of the most famous and most liked hookah coal in the market. The shape of these coals is merely symmetrical in shape and they have very few pores so that they can burn for a longer period in low temperature also. The amount of ash this coal produces is very less as compared to other coal in the market.

Well, these coals can last up to 45 minutes to 1 hour. It does not produce any taste or smell but it will not take away the actual hookah tobacco flavours.

These charcoals are worth buying because of their consistency and public demand, you can experience them on your own.

 Flaming Hot Natural Charcoal


Black diamond natural hookah charcoal

These are big cube-shaped hookah charcoal that is made up of 100% natural coconut shells. While burning it produces much heat but without any smell and also these coals produce very little ash. As these coals are made as nature-friendly product, so it does not contain any glues, fillers, or nitrates that might be harmful to your body. Well while enjoying your hookah party these coals do not leave any type of taste that can disturb your mood. Also, these coals do not consist of any pesticides or repellents that are harmful to nature.


Cocous hookah coals

Made with 100% natural coconut shells and can burn 4 times longer than any other coal in the market. As most of the cheap coals leave a nasty aftertaste after burning, the Cocous charcoal is totally tasteless.

It makes it easy for you to clean your hookah after party as it produces very little ash as compared to other coals. These coals are for one-time investment use because of their longer duration of burning and you can save your money by buying a new one every time.

Investing in Cocous coals is better as it provides you the best quality session for your hookah party. These coals do not have any unhealthy chemicals that most of the cheaper coals have and also they are eco-friendly.

 Cylindrical Coals on a Hookah Bowl


Pharaoh's natural hookah charcoal

This coal comes in rectangular shapes and is made up of 100% natural coconut shells. Also, they do not have any taste or smell. This coal does not have any chemical substance in it like sulfur that's why they are natural-friendly and also they do not produce any spark while burning. It is easy to burn and can last for a longer duration so that you do not feel disturbed when enjoying your hookah tobacco flavours session. Also, it becomes very easy to clean your hookah because it produces very little ash as compared to other cheap coals.


Coco Ala Natural hookah coals

These are 100% natural charcoals used for hookah sessions. It is made of compressed coconut shell and it can burn 3 times longer than any other coal in the market. One of the most interesting things about this charcoal company is that it uses natural starch as a binder that you will not find in any other charcoal company that produces coal for hookah use. Well, the use of starch does not harm your body in any way, also the coal does not break into pieces while burning.

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