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Tricks and tips of tasty hookah

Tricks and tips of tasty hookah

Mixing different flavors of tobacco is always gives you a unique taste some of the good examples are mixing peach and melon tobacco or mixing mint and cappuccino hookah tobacco also you can try mixing strawberry hookah tobacco with apple or banana tobacco to reach an amazing taste of hookah. Try another combination to achieve new tasty hookah tobacco there are a lot of tobacco flavors you can mix.

Keeping tobacco fresh is one of the most important parts of having a tasty hookah experience, So freeze it! keep shisha tobacco refrigerated.


Try to use milk or cold water instead of using just water for your hookah it makes you feel better every time you take a puff. Also, you can add a little red wine to it to make it more enjoyable.

Wash and keep your hookah clean the most significant matter is cleanness.

If you are using aluminum foil, poke twice and smaller as many holes in the foil to allow the slower burn of charcoal and hookah's tobacco.

Before placing the clay bowl back on the hookah blow on the opposite end of the bowl to loosen up the tobacco pieces even more to allow better airflow.










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