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Top 5 things to add to your hookah base to a better experience

Top 5 things to add to your hookah base to a better experience

People are always thinking, what they can add to their hookah base water to enhance their smoking flavor and smell? water is always the best thing for your hookah but we know you wanna do something new and better flavor and smell. If you looking for the best things to add to your hookah base check the list below:

1- Fruit Juice and fruit
You can chop the fruit and add it to water, Also, you can add any non-carbonated juice in it. As a result, you will get different look, smell, and flavor for your smoking hookah experience. 


Tick tock hookah shisha- Juice in hookah base

2- Soda
If you like soda flavor and sweetness you can use regular coke. Also, we can add flavored soda in it. So, any of them make different smell and flavor. We suggest add soda and ice together for better summer smoking experience.


Tick tock hookah Shisha Tobacco- Soda in hookah Base

3- Ice
The easiest and most common thing to add is ice. That is why all brand of shisha tobacco have some icy flavor. it makes kind of cool finishing for your flavor if you like.


Tick tock Hookah Shisha Tobacco- Ice in Hookah base water

4- Wine and Liquor
You can add different wine and liquor in the water of your hookah. Also, you can use plain wine in hookah base. You do not get drunk but you will receive the flavor and smell of alcoholic drink.

Tick Tock Hoookah Shisha Tobacco- Wine and liquor in hookah base

5- Mints
Adding a few mints to the water in the base will leave you refreshing minty smoke. If you don't like a strong mint in the base test you can use ice and other fruit in it.


Tick tock hookah shisha tobacco- Adding mint in hookah base water


As a result, you can change your flavor with adding something in your shiaha base but you should know you can buy different flavor of tobacco from market. In this case you will receive same experience. 










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