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Top 5 Non-Fruity Shisha Tobacco Flavors to Try

Top 5 Non-Fruity Shisha Tobacco Flavors to Try

Hookah smoking has enchanted smokers all around the world. With rising popularity and demand from active hookah smokers across the globe, there seems to be no end to the hookah tobacco flavors introduced in the market every day.

Owing to which it is virtually impossible to try all of the hookah flavors. If not and you are on your quest to do so, once you have your fill of the most popular fruity shisha flavors its time that to move on to something new and exciting. Going for the non-fruity flavors can give you a new start in this endeavor and spice up your smoking feast. There is plenty of hookah shisha flavor that keeps your party going with an interesting and unique twist.

So here we have brought you some of the best non-fruity flavors that you should try to break your mundane fruity routine.


1. Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the best non-fruity flavors you can get your hands on. It offers you a sure shot way to sweeten up virtually any bowl along with giving you a flavorful and unique smoking experience by itself. If this has tickled up ur taste buds and appealed to your sweet tooth, then you can go for Tick-Tock Shisha's following Vanilla mix flavors:

-Tellee- Ice Cappuccino Cinnamon Vanilla.

Tellee- ice cappuccino cinnamon vanilla. Tellee brings you flavored tobacco molasses that is blended with the refreshing taste of cappuccino cinnamon and vanilla flavor. This flavor brings you the real flavor and sweetness of vanilla along with the traditional cafe taste at your home itself. If you are one of those people who love to have cold brew, then this flavor is definitely for you. It is because this hookah tobacco offers you a very real and rich taste of iced cappuccino with cinnamon vanilla.

-ONLY YOU-Ice Peanut Coconut Vanilla

Another amazing mix with vanilla is ONLY YOU-Ice Peanut Coconut Vanilla that leverages the mellowness of this flavor by blending it with ice peanut and coconut. This flavor leaves your mouth with a soft, creamy feel and incredibly smooth flavor in your mouth. If you are a new Shisha smoker and have just stepped into this world of hookah, then this one is a must-have for you. ONLY YOU-Ice Peanut Coconut Vanilla is not only the most delicious flavor out there but it also comes with delightful vanilla coupled with the fragrance of coconuts in addition to sweetness and richness of peanuts with a hint of coolness that you can treat yourself with. But it is very simple to smoke flavor that you can enjoy as well.


2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another classic mixer; cinnamon is a well-known spice extracted from the inner bark of Cinnamomum tree species. Widely used as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive you can get to see in a large variety of sweet and ambrosial dishes so why not shisha flavor?

It's a very versatile flavor that can be mixed with mint or vanilla to make an intensely exciting blend. With cinnamon in the mix, you can make your shisha flavor taste like cinnamon rolls. To begin with, you can go with Tick-Tock Hookah's following cinnamon blend and spice up your hookah session with its pleasant aroma:

-TORNADO-Ice Gum Cinnamon

TORNADO-Ice Gum Cinnamon tobacco flavor drags you in amidst a tornado full of flavor. This Tornado flavored tobacco molasses derives its freshness from the ice gum cinnamon flavor. The strong aroma just takeovers every bit of your room leaving the air-filled unmistakable scent of cinnamon. This incredible combination of sweetness and spiciness of cinnamon packs a punch of coolness of ice and should be opened up at times of a gala celebration.

-SKY FALL-Ice Cinnamon

Sky Fall flavored tobacco molasses is another strong blend offered with ice cinnamon flavor. It will leave you in a sweet dilemma whether it is a dessert or a dish. As the insisting aroma of cinnamon leaves the air smelling simply divine. The aftermath fragrance of cinnamon in a tobacco flavor is just bewitching. Especially when you get hit by the coolness of ice in it.


3. Chocolate

One of the most popular flavors that exist on this very earth is chocolate. Made from the cacao plants beans it can enrich any dessert with its sweet and bitter taste with an enticing aroma. This divine flavor is often paired up with several strong flavors such as mint. The happening combination of mint and chocolate has become a very popular one with its fresh and sweet aromatic flavor. That being said, Tick-Tock shisha has presented its FIRST DATE-Chocolate Mint for an indulgent flavor that you can experience:

-FIRST DATE-Chocolate Mint

As the notion goes by far that a First Date should be an elegant one, set in a comfortable ambiance. Building on the same concept of offering a comfortable and delightful environment Tick-Tock Hookah has brought the First Date flavored tobacco molasses is the chocolate mint flavor. It is enough to thrill your taste buds every time you smoke it but in a pleasant way. As along with truffles of chocolate there is a refreshing pinch of mint.


4. Mint

Mint is cherished for its sharp and sweet taste that produces cooling effects on top of your tongue. With its refreshing qualities, nothing can add better to your smoking experience than the hookah mint flavor. With its wide-ranging combinations, the minty flavor blends in perfectly with almost any flavor. These are some cool minty flavors by Tick-Tock Hookah you cannot afford to miss:

-Mint- SUMMER BREEZE-Ice Gum Mint

This Summer Breeze flavored tobacco molasses is the ice gum mint flavor that capitalizes on mint's versatility. To only make it better by pairing it together with ice and gum to bring you the spotting memories of childhood with a cooler finish.


5. Coffee

Coffee flavor is the ultimate aromatic mixture of bitterness and sweetness that people desire as the first thing in the morning all around the globe. So why not add this distinctive and strong taste in our hookah season with Tick- Tock Shisha's JOJO- Caramel Coffee Tobacco:

JOJO- Caramel Coffee

JOJO flavored tobacco molasses is the caramel coffee flavor. This is enough for you to bring the Starbucks happiness home reminding you of the drive and along with the happiness you get after indulging in your favorite coffee. This hookah tobacco reminds you of the drive-through of Starbucks and happiness after you get your favorite coffee.

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