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Top 10 Hookah Lounges From All Over the World

Top 10 Hookah Lounges From All Over the World

Well, smoking hookah is a century-old tradition gifted by the Middle East to the world. The main motive of inventing hookah was to let people share their best herbal shisha. This century-old tradition has reached every part of the world and there are lots of people who love smoking hookah.

Here are 10 best hookah lounges from all over the world


The Green Room (Munich)

The green room bar is a type of intimate bar system where most of the crowd is young and energetic. Well, this Munich bar is a great place for your hookah nights and lots of people come here to enjoy their hookah session. The low green lighting in the bar with the deep relaxing music can give a cozy vibe to relax and enjoy your best hookah flavor session in a fun way. Well designed in the form of a cave, this bar offers you a selection of over 150 cocktails to enjoy while smoking hookah.


Soho (Barcelona)

Soho has been established in one of the beautiful cities of Spain, i.e., Barcelona. If you are a fan of hookah then Soho is the best place in the city that can provide you great hookah experience for your party night. Mainly the place is owned by Moroccans, they are very well aware of how to make the place attractive and the same they did with Soho.


Club in Barcelona


The interior design of Soho is very fascinating and people can enjoy some shisha without any shoes. Customers can sit on the ground with leather cushions and can enjoy their hookah with a great collection of beers. 


Cloister Cafe (New York)

New York is a great place to visit anytime and if you are a hookah fan then New York can provide you one of its best places for hookah nights. Well, Cloister cafe is one of the best hookah lounges in the entire city that includes a garden inside the cafe, a great location for your spring and summer days. Well, this place serves you a great coffee with a portion of good quality food, but for drinking, there is a policy that every customer may get only one drink.


Alarabi (Berlin)

Situated in Berlin, the Alarabi restaurant is designed in a unique Middle Eastern format to attract the tourist through its laid-back and slow vibe. Well, this is a great place to visit with your friends.


Lounge in Berlin


Alarabi restaurant provides you café tables, communal beds, and couches that are adorned with pillows which make the customer feel relaxed and enjoy their shisha with their close friends. 


Babel (New York)

If you want a place where you can enjoy your evening with calm and relaxed surroundings then Babel is one of the ideal places for your hookah night. Well, most of the days this place is just a hookah lounge, but during weekends this place converts into a party place where the DJs make some great music mixes. 

Well, this place is also famous for their weekly special, i.e., “Triple Oral Fridays,” and “Easy Hook-Up Saturdays.” 


La Comedia Urban Club (Madrid)

Well, from the name you can understand that this place is not just about hookah lounge but as the name suggest, this place is a club where many people visit for some great drinks and some dancing. The music selection for this place is mostly in hip-hop that includes old-school beats and reggae.


Clubbing in Madrid


The party area is upstairs the club, but if you want to enjoy a hookah session with your friends then the downstairs of the club is created in the form of a hookah lounge to give you better comfort to enjoy some sweet flavored best herbal shisha smoke. 


Kazuza (New York)

This is the third time New York is on our list, well everyone knows how good is New York City so it is obvious that the city must have many great places to enjoy and party with your friends. Kazuza is one of the famous party places in New York that also includes a hookah lounge with a unique and exotic flavor. During weekends mostly on Friday and Saturday nights, the Kazuza offers you a perfect party surrounding by belly dancers to entertain, and also it serves delicious Middle Eastern food with alcohol.


Ali Mama Cafe (Los Angeles)

Ali Mama Cafe is a Turkish-style restaurant established in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. This place offers your hookah and strong Turkish coffee. Ali Mama Cafe is one of the oldest hookah restaurants in Los Angeles, with a simple not so fancy design it offers you both inside and outside sitting areas for you to enjoy.


Cafe in Los Angeles


In the daylight, this place is covered with middle-aged men but as the night gets darker this place is taken over by a young crowd. With classic Middle Eastern music, you can enjoy your hookah session with best herbal shisha more peacefully.


La Sultana Cafe (New York)

This place is mainly designed as a hookah lounge but if you want to find this place in New York, it is located on 4th street but it is a small place so it can be difficult to find this place. Well, the La Sultana Cafe is a very small hookah lounge that gives you a very mysterious feeling with its dim light and brick walls. The Cafe is surrounded by couches and lounge chairs and they provide only tea and non-alcoholic drinks with your hookah session and the menu is completely vegetarian. A very good and quiet place for date night or party with close friends.


Sciam (Rome)

This place is situated in Italy, the interior design is a mixture of Rome, Turkish, and Persian decor. The Syrian music in the background and the good sweet smell of hookah in the air gives a relaxing experience. Well, the main attraction of this place is due to shisha but at late nights belly dancers give a new life to this place and entertain the visitors who come here to smoke best herbal shisha.

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