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Smoke Rings With Hookah

Smoke Tricks You Can Pull Off Best From Hookah

Do you love solitaire, eating junk food, hookah smoking, smoke tricks, flaunting, and daring friends at night? Oh, at a good time. It seems that one of the activities you will need if your session is getting a little boring.   You can quickly turn hookah sessions into a stunt showcase if you know the following tricks:


1. Smoke Bubble
2. Smoke Ring
3. Smoke Heart



1. Smoke Bubble


Smoke Bubble has become popular with smokers and even non-smokers in recent years. People have learned countless smoking tricks and one of the most popular people among them is to make smoke bubbles. It does not need any expertise. All you need is to really learn a few steps and practice them.  Whenever the Shisha Party enters a boring and boring moment; we can avoid this by trying different smoking tricks and making the session more happening.



What you need to create a Smoke Bubble


- An empty water bottle with the funnel and bottom base removed.
- Solution to make foam
- Hookah / Hookah pipe




a. Place the funnel on top of the solution and make sure you keep it there for a few seconds.
b. Do not inhale the hookah deeply and make sure that the smoke fills your mouth.
c. Take the funnel and infuse the smoke into it. This allows you to see the bubbles gradually forming.
d. You will need to control the amount of smoke it emits, as it affects the size of the bubble. At last, you need to keep exercising until you master this technique.


Smoke Rings with Hookah


2. Smoke Ring


You probably know someone who can blow out a smoke ring and make it look effortless. Maybe you've tried doing it yourself but haven't seen spectacular results? Learning how to blow smoke rings is fun, and like most things, it takes a little practice. But once you master it, you will have a sense of accomplishment that is finally achievable. 


Smoke rings are best learned with a hookah. You can then practice making smoke rings by following these steps:



What you need to create a Smoke Ring


- A hookah





a. Push your tongue towards tonsils

The tongue has nothing to do with creating rings of smoke. The first step you should consider taking is getting your tongue out of the way, especially if you want to make perfect circles. Place it flat at the back of your mouth and forget it exists. Don't move it at all as you blow the circle. Tongues can break up smoke, and you won't be able to make circles with smoke.


b. Drag on the hookah


The next step is to take deep drag on the hookah to get dense smoke. You must take enough smoke in your lungs because it is necessary for pulling off the smoke ring trick. You should be able to control the smoke so that it will not escape from your lungs until you are ready to do these tricks.


c. Create "O" shape with your lips 


When you have enough smoke in your lungs, the next step is to form an O shape with your lips and open them outward, as if you were making an "oh" sound. In some cases, curling your lips back when an O is formed can help. You can practice making O shapes in front of the mirror.


d. Close the chin 


The next step is to close the chin halfway so that you can better shape the O-shaped lips and make the smoke from a ring. Practice your jaw movement until you can form a perfect circle.


e. Short-term smoke emission 


The last step is to push up with your throat to push the short-term smoke out of your mouth. Try to keep your lips as tight as possible, because this is the hardest part of blowing a smoke circle. You have enough smoke to form a circle and enough breath to expel the smoke. 


Now you know how to blow a smoke ring. The great thing about hookah is that you can suck out a lot of smoke in one blow, allowing you to practice blowing circles until you finally get it right. Before your hookah session ends, you will be able to blow out circles of smoke.


Best Hookah Shisha 


3. Smoke Heart


What you need to create a Smoke Heart


- A hookah





a. First inhale dense smoke into your mouth; Lowering the chin will help to increase the volume of the mouth.

b. After completing this operation, open your mouth in an "O" shape and then simulate a mild throat cough.

c. This will spray a smoke ring from your mouth. The cough should be too small to be audible and only a small amount of air should pass through. Note that there are other ways to blow the smoke ring, this method is the easiest.

d. Blow out the heart shape, first blow out the smoke ring, and then snap your fingers directly on the ring. 



Turbulence in the air forces the top of the ring to collapse, forming a heart. Alternatively, you can blow a large, slow-moving ring and then continuously blow a small, fast-moving ring on it. The small ring can cause air turbulence, causing the top of the large ring to collapse.



Why is Hookah perfect for performing these tricks?


 The dense smoke of Hookah Molasses takes longer to dissipate, so it can maintain a certain shape within a reasonable time

If you enjoyed reading this blog, do share with your peers! And comment below which tricks you pulled off and liked the most!

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