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Signs That You Need to Get a New Hookah

Signs That You Need to Get a New Hookah

First of all, when choosing a hookah, you need to understand for what purpose it is being purchased. If you are looking for a beautiful element of the interior, and smoking qualities are not important to you, then most of this article will not be particularly useful for you.

Immediately, we note that we will not even consider small hookahs up to 30 centimeters high, except for an inexpensive, low-quality gift, it will not suit you for anything else. Hookah is a complex device with a considerable number of elements, the choice of each of which is not an easy process for a beginner.

It used to be considered that the service life of an average hookah is 1.5-3 years. With the development of the USA hookah industry, the situation has changed, and many manufacturers insist that their hookahs will serve you "forever". Be that as it may, the "eternal" hookah is still a utopia. How do you know when it's time to change your device? Let's understand this article.


Fatal Mechanical Damage

The most obvious reason. We are talking primarily about those breakdowns that make smoking simply impossible. Here there are a wide variety and even extreme options when the hookah shaft broke in half, or, let's say, completely rotted away and any connecting thread fell off. Of course, now manufacturers provide fairly high-quality warranty service and it's good if you can apply for it. And if not? Many begin what is called "collective farm" and try to repair the breakdown on their own. However, it is important here to weigh your labor, time, and material costs and the result that you will receive in the end. As a rule, this whole story turns into endless "crazy hands", and you smoke on an obscene hookah, rewound with blue duct tape. And he also siphons from all sides. Do you need it?


Repairing A Breakdown Is More Expensive And More Difficult Than Buying A New Machine

The reason directly follows from the previous one. The prices for hookahs are now so democratic that "dancing with a tambourine" around the repair of an old device often loses all meaning. You spend time and money on troubleshooting, although you could have saved your nerves and resources and enjoy smoking a new quality hookah. Again: do you need it?


Hookah Downstem


Bad Taste

The advice to the buyer from the seller or manufacturer of hookahs remains the same at all times: take good care of your device, disassemble, rinse, dry after each smoking. For this, there are devices in the form of various brushes and even special cleaning agents. But let's be honest? At home, we smoke for weeks on the same water, and our hands never reach the point of regular washing. However, many of us smoke every day. With such intensive use, it is not surprising that bad tastes can appear in the mine and the connecting parts, even if your hookah is made of quality materials. Tobacco gets into the metal and creates unpleasant sensations when smoking, and this problem is especially relevant for outdated models of hookahs. So this might be the time for you to buy hookah tobacco.


Your Hookah Model Is Outdated

The hookah industry is developing at a breakneck pace. New models of hookahs come out almost every month. New advanced materials and better ways of processing them are becoming available. Manufacturers invent a variety of technical solutions, adapt the functionality of the devices to the addressable lifestyle of the modern consumer, which in turn becomes more discriminating and demanding. In addition, the hookah industry, like any other, has its fashion trends. Hookahs, which were in the top 3-5 years ago, are now considered simply indecent today, also Hookah tobacco and Hookah are available online.


High competition contributes to constant price reductions, which makes many modern and suitable models more accessible to a wide range of buyers. It is this last factor that is largely decisive in the matter of replacing the hookah. It is now much easier to acquire good, relevant devices in many respects than before. The way we consume is also changing. More and more often we do not want to have only one hookah for all occasions and acquire several at once for different situations, for example, for smoking at home and outdoors. If you feel that your hookah no longer meets your lifestyle, its service becomes a burden for you, then you should look for a new, more convenient, modern, and versatile model that will save you time and make the smoking process more enjoyable.


Golden Yellow Hookah


"Shabby" Appearance

This is a matter of personal perception. Peeling paint, cracks, chips on the saucer, rust - for some people, all of this, of course, does not matter. Smokes - and okay! Indeed, these seemingly insignificant factors may not affect the quality of smoking in any way. But you change your clothes when the old one takes on a worn-out look? Or are you making repairs in an apartment when the previous one has come into an indecent state? Although, as you lived in this apartment, you still live. So why, when it comes to hookahs, do we so often sacrifice aesthetic needs in favor of pure functionality? Since ancient times, hookah smoking has been perceived as a whole ritual, which is still important in our time. Gathering with friends or spending a leisurely evening watching your favorite TV series - is it not a ceremony? And any ceremony presupposes a certain aesthetics. And therefore, you can get much more pleasure from smoking on a beautiful, shiny, new hookah. It is difficult to disagree with this.


You Just Want A New Hookah

Just like, for example, you want a new iPhone. This reason is not based on rational arguments, but it is your desire that is enough to start a new apparatus without coming up with additional arguments in favor of such a decision. Hookah is no longer a luxury, but an integral part of our way of life. Therefore, your "want" alone will already be a good motive for buying a new item. If you want - buy!

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