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Shisha Tools You Probably Didn't Know About

Shisha Tools You Probably Didn't Know About

There are more and more fans of smoky pleasure in the company with a hookah. Today this smoking device is no longer a novelty, most people are familiar with the principles of its structure and operation, and the question "where to buy hookah tobacco online" is not acute. It is enough to type a query in the search box and choose a reliable store.


But the market for smoking devices does not stand still, the hookah is improving and few have heard of some accessories. We will talk about them in this article.


1. Bacha or Kaloud

To prepare a hookah you need foil, if you use food, then you need 3-4 layers, pull it correctly, do not confuse the side, adjust the tension, do not overdo it with the number of holes. In general, that is still a hassle. Now imagine that you don't need foil from the word at all. This becomes a reality if you have accessories such as bacha or kaloud.

The devices are installed on top of the bowl, hot coals are laid inside. First, you save on consumables as you no longer need foil. And the intensity of coal smoldering can be adjusted, which also allows them to be spent more economically. Secondly, everything is simple with Kalaud - put it on the bowl and you're done! The only thing is that the diameter of the devices must match.


2. Melass Catcher

This accessory is installed under the saucer and serves to collect tobacco syrup and molasses. The syrup does not enter the shaft and the flask and does not contaminate it. The molding collector can be easily unscrewed and washed, so it is easy to care for it. The device also participates in the process of cooling the smoke and absorbs some of the heat. That is why some lovers of smoky pleasure use a molasses collector for mixing tobaccos. One variety is placed in the bowl, and another in the molasses catcher. The accessory is especially good for hookah establishments.

A pleasant need, in which the completeness of the hookah would not be complete. When smoking on a Turk or any other type of cup, which implies the ingress of syrup into the bowl. In total, this does not greatly affect the integrity of the taste. But the aesthetics are lost, in which you have to wash the mine every time you refill.

Clay Hookah Bowl with Charcoal

3. Personal Mouthpiece

Did you know that the warm and humid environment of a hookah is heaven for germs and bacteria? Now imagine that you are smoking in the company of friends, and one of them has a runny nose. Yes, there are disposable plastic mouthpieces, but it's much more practical to have your mouthpiece. After all, disposable plastic products pollute the environment.

And you have never seen personal mouthpieces from the creative brand "Only took". The thing immediately solves several problems - it is on guard of hygiene and becomes an original accessory that will emphasize your style and sense of humor. The standard mouthpiece attaches to a tape with cool inscriptions and comes with a funny bear that can be worn as a keychain.


4. Container

You seriously thought that we would talk to you about absolutely meticulous things. Which have been repeatedly described by everyone. Nope. We are a bit special. Therefore, we note that the presence of a container for tobacco at home is not for mom's brakes. Namely, yours for hookah business will be an incredible help at the beginning of the purchase of hookah tobacco flavors like blueberry flavored hookah, apple shisha, etc.


5. Tiles

If you have a stove or just a mom or a wife is insanely strict. And your manners and upbringing do not allow you to argue with women, then the tile is an insanely necessary thing. Well, at least because it allows you to kindle coals in a short time and create a pleasant mood for yourself. Zlatka is one of the tops, but our advice is to try to hang out at flea markets and find a Soviet one. She is not killable.


6. Block

Everything is very simple here. The market is very oversaturated, so having a hookah shoe is no longer something supernatural, but rather people who smoke on foil. They will spread rot and talk about their absurdity and worship of the old gods. At the same time, the shape of the available pads is very different, so there will be plenty to choose from!


7. Censer

The impeccable style of the master, dragging the censer like a priest around the hall or he heals impeccability and preparedness on his part. Including tremendous care of the flooring.


Metal Lid with Coal


8. Brush

If you clean the hookah, then definitely with brushes, many bloggers manage. Shoot reviews on them and explain the dignity of each of them. It seems to us like wild game behavior. It is enough to come to any store that sells most of these hookah accessories from the list and choose any brush you like. Everything else is heresy.


9. Tongs

Tongs are a weapon of mass destruction. With a clumsy choice of the right tongs, ranking the ninth position of the hookah accessories. You can hit the flooring on a large enough scale, for which you get kicked in the ass from your own mother or wife, in general, from the one who hits you more painfully.


10. Flask

The evidence at the last moments and gobbled us up, that's why it's dirty. But many manufacturers do not consider it necessary to complete the hookah completely, therefore. It is required to choose not only a steep one in terms of volume. But also a vessel worthy of stability, preferably made of durable glass. That will withstand your crooked hands.


11. Cap

This is already for advanced guys who understand that wind protection or an orthodox cap. A worthy thing that requires understanding in work. But if everything is clear with protection from the wind, then the cap is when stuffing hookah tobacco. Accepting the rules of extra heat and your ability to control fire, your hat is bro.

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