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Seven Common Myths About Shisha

Seven Common Myths About Shisha

A hookah is a mechanism designed to smoke sweetened and flavored tobacco or herbal molasses. The hookah pipe has origins in the Middle East and Persian Peninsula that date back to decades when hookah smoking was considered a sign of higher status.

Hookah tobacco now includes many different flavors for every person. The most common flavors of hookah smoked around the world are double apple and grape flavors. There are various brands from different regions of the world that make smoking flavors.

A shisha is a single stock tool that is used to smoke or vaporize flavored tobacco, herbal molasses, or fermented fruits. Hookah smoke is produced by burning the aroma using lighted coals as a heat source, which then produces steam that passes through a metal rod and is then filtered through water through a tank or glass base.


1. Hookah Is Safer Than Cigarettes

Guys, we can tell you with confidence - this is not true. One way or another, the hookah is made on tobacco (and therefore there is nicotine there). Hookah smoke also includes carbon monoxide, which is also harmful to the body. Therefore, we conclude that hookah does the same harm as cigarettes.


2. One Hookah Is Equivalent To Ten/One Hundred/Thousand Smoked Cigarettes

Anyone in a sober mind, aware of the properties of cigarettes, is able to appreciate the delusional nature of this statement. And for those who are not capable, I recommend smoking at least ten cigarettes one by one. For an untrained smoker, such an experiment is guaranteed to take out the brain. An hour of hookah smoking (note: with the right approach) gives only a slight relaxation.


3. Hookah Does Not Cause Addiction/Hookah Causes Nicotine Addiction.

Seemingly opposite statements, how can both be myths? And yet it is so. Contrary to this myth, many, on the contrary, claim a certain dependence on nicotine, which occurs when smoking a hookah. Both of these statements are myths.

Everything is simple here: if you smoke a little, for example, once a week/month, it is almost impossible to get nicotine addiction, since hookahs contain a fairly small concentration of nicotine, which also remains even after filtering the smoke through water. But if, on the contrary, smoking hookah several times a day, then addiction will appear and will have a bad effect on health. Therefore, there should be no dependence on reasonable smoking, nicotine absorbed by the body with moderate smoking will not be sufficient for this.


Group of Friends Enjoying Hookah


4. Hookah Can Be Used As A Transitional Means To Quit Smoking

Quite the contrary, it is impossible to quit cigarettes with a hookah! As I said above, it is very difficult to smoke a hookah, and it usually makes the smoker want to catch up. All my fellow smokers who tried to smoke hookah instead of cigarettes ended up returning to cigarettes.


5. Hookah Smoking Leads To Cigarette Smoking, And There It Is Not Far From Drugs

In the absence of brains, everything that gives at least some pleasure can lead to drugs.

Moreover, this logic can lead to surprising conclusions. But still, I believe that you can start smoking hookah only at a conscious age (preferably not earlier than twenty years).


6. Hookah On Wine Or Milk Is Better Than On The Water

As for milk, it is more psychological. In fact, there is no significant positive effect.

As for the wine, bad wine will only spoil the taste of the hookah, and it is usually a pity to translate a good one. Better to use it inside.

There is an opinion that hookah shies more if you pour strong drinks into it - cognac, for example. There is some truth in this (especially if you pour cognac into the hookah and yourself). It should only be remembered that a lot of cognacs should not be poured - the smoke will be saturated with alcohol vapors, which are unpleasant to inhale. But in general, the sensations are not worth practicing.


7. Fruit-Based Hookah Is Best

Often apples, melons, etc. are used instead of a clay cup. In my opinion, the effect here is also mainly psychological: no sharp change in taste is observed. But a lot of hemorrhoids are added when making a hookah - a clay cup is still much more convenient. Adding mint hookah flavor or lemon mint tobacco to it elevates it much more.


Hookah with Cocktails


Hookah Versus Cigarettes

When it comes to comparing hookah smoking to cigarettes, there really isn't any serious research to show whether hookah is actually more or less harmful than a cigarette. We all know that smoking is an unhealthy vice, be it a hookah or a cigarette, but is hookah smoking any healthier? From what we understand based on our general knowledge, a hookah is usually a handmade product that includes fewer additives than a cigarette, for example.

Hookah is usually made up of four ingredients, which include natural raw tobacco, glycerin, food flavorings, and honey. However, cigarettes contain about 7,000 chemicals that are burned when smoked, with 69 of them associated with cancer. There have been arguments that have been made as to where the comparison is "1 hookah = how many cigarettes", but there is little knowledge or research to back up these claims. Hookah shisha is not burned like a cigarette but rather fired and filtered through water. We recommend that you smoke in moderation, whether it be cigarettes or shisha.


Is Hookah Addictive?

If we talk about the number of additives that make up a flavored hookah, then we can say that hookah is not addictive. However, each individual acts in his own way and can become addicted to hookah as well as to any other social vice. When smoking hookah, it should be taken in moderation, balanced with a healthy lifestyle.


Does The Hookah Cheer You Up?

Not. Hookah doesn't give you a buzz. If you don't add other substances to the hookah flavor, it won't lift your spirits or change your mind.


Is The Hookah Smoke Or Steam?

As mentioned earlier, a hookah pipe produces steam from glycerin, not smoke. Hookah tobacco does not burn.

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