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Charcoal for Tobacco

Quick Light Vs Natural Charcoal

Bought up a new hookah stand and you want to enjoy it with your mates. But have you thought about the most important thing a hookah requires? The thing on which your overall hookah experience depends? Yes, you guessed it right, Charcoal! But wait, have you ever wondered what charcoal to use? With so many charcoal options in the market what brand or type you should go for?


When it comes to selecting a right hookah charcoal, you need to go through several pros and cons. Although there are two variants available i.e., natural charcoals and quick light charcoals but both the variants have their own boon and bane. Not sure about the difference? Without much ado let’s get into it straight.


Natural Charcoal:


Let’s start from the natural ones i.e. Natural charcoal. We cannot help but notice with the ongoing organic trend there has been a growing demand for the natural hookah charcoal over the last ten years.  As the name suggests, it's all natural without any kind of adulteration.


Natural charcoal doesn't contain any harmful chemicals as they are often derived from coconuts. The product is made from the leftover coconut shells from the coconut farms. Although there are also some lesser-known wood charcoal made from bamboo, orangewood or lemonwood. Since no chemicals are used you don’t experience any kind of odor or an altered taste. They give off clean heat and don’t interfere with the shisha flavors. These are considered environment friendly, so you do not have to think much about the environmental consequences before using them.


Natural Charcoal


However, as the saying goes, good things take some time, the natural charcoal takes longer to light up. They need a consistent source of heat. It generally takes eight to ten minutes to ignite properly. These charcoals require a gas stove or charcoal burners to be lit. You can not light them up using candles or matchsticks. Once the charcoal is ignited it retains as well as produces more heat which in turn allows for a longer hookah session. After a few minutes of hard work in igniting the charcoal all you will have is a smooth and longer enjoyment.


Quick Light Charcoal:


Also referred as magic charcoals, quick light charcoals are widely used for they are more convenient. They sparkle and light up quickly in one go using just a regular lighter or a candle or a matchstick. They prove to be an ideal choice when you want to light up in a jiffy since they get ready in one minute. They are preferred for outdoor smoke sessions, vacations or when you want to light them up in your car. People generally opt for the magic charcoal for their convenience. This is the reason a beginner starts with the quick light charcoal.


It is often said convenience and ease can often surprise you with some consequences which you may not see coming. Yes, when there are conveniences there are always some drawbacks both go hand in hand. Quick light charcoals or magic charcoals are infused with chemicals which may produce a distinctive smell or odor.


Quick Light Charcoal


They are normally made up of compressed coal dust and contain a quick light agent (typically Sulphur) to enable them to light up with ease. The fact cannot be denied that most users can smell the odor of the chemicals when the charcoal is ignited and in the worst case the user can also taste the chemical present. This can turn off the mood setting hookah session. And as the name suggests quick light charcoal, they don’t last very long, they go off very quickly when compared to the natural ones. Usually, they last for around thirty minutes to be precise. So, if you are dreaming of a longer session you need to light up more. 




And here you go! After hearing both sides we cannot come to a conclusion for which one to use and which one to excuse but the choices we make can vary upon the situation. Natural charcoal is always a good choice since they are chemical free as well as environment friendly. But what when you have a time crunch and want to set your stand on fire (quite literally)? Switch to quick light charcoal for a rescue. They will surely turn out to be user friendly in either case. Having that roll of quick light charcoal is always a good idea. The choice is completely yours, use the one you find convenient. 


So, as we always say we are happy to help and answer any concern that you have regarding the selection of hookah charcoal or any question in mind do not hesitate to contact us. Also do let us know what your thoughts are about it. If we left out any point let us know through the comment section below.


Happy smoking!

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