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Need Longer Hookah Sessions? Try These 4 Amazing Tips

Need Longer Hookah Sessions? Try These 4 Amazing Tips

Hookah is an age-old practice and since its inception, this one question has stuck with it that continues to make it to every hookah session and every hookah connoisseur. "How to make your hookah session keep going for a much prolonged time?". Another hotly debated topic that is more of its subsidiary question, "How long does the hookah session last?". We are here to answer these questions.

The answer is not as simple as the question, as it depends upon several factors. In short, the answer is it is complicated. But if we look at a typical hookah session it often lasts for about 45 minutes to one hour, but it is more complex due to the many factors and variables involved in it. That can directly or Indirectly affect the smoking time. The factors that influence your hookah session are:

  • The Type Bowl
  • The Quality Shisha Tobacco
  • Heat management Device
  • Personal preference!

It has happened with many of us when we had our first-time hookah experience at a hookah lounge or with some friend who is a "hookah connoisseur" After which we ended up falling for it head over heels and buying our hookah tobacco. But later to your surprise, you realize that they are not tasting good or even lasting anywhere near as they use to in the hookah lounge.

It is kind of a similar experience that you get at your first cut with a barber and you try it for yourself to mess it up. But you do not get to worry about this one as we got you here. By just sticking with these simple tips you too take take your smoking experience to next level surpassing your local hookah spot.


1. Pick The Best Shisha

For most of the part, it is seen that biggest of clouds and the longest of hookah sessions comes from the wettest of the shisha bowls. It is because the juicier will be the flavor of the tobacco, the more glycerin and molasses coating will be there on the tobacco leaves. This results in prolonging the combustion time of the tobacco and simply prolongs our hookah sessions timespan. For getting your hands on the wettest of shisha Tobacco you can opt for some of the best brands like Starbuzz Shisha, Fumari Shisha, and Tangiers Shisha.


2. Pick the Best Shisha Bowl

Today you can find an array of shisha bowls that are available in the market. There is something unique about each of their offerings to the smokers like for instance the Kaya Funnel 'Cup' Clay Bowl is designed in such a way that it can hold the moist and juicy shisha flavors as well the next generation paste based flavors such as Hookah Squeeze in the best shape possible in and around the bowl as compared to the other bowls. In addition to it, its unique lip and funnel placed in the very center of the bowl, it is raised in such a manner, that it prevents the undesirable dripping down of the juices in the bowl and from the bowl to the jar. On account of which you get to have a cleaner stem when you are done with your hookah smoking session. The equation here is simple. The more the ratio of juice in the bowl, the denser the volume of smoke you will get.

That being said, you can also opt-out for a Vortex or Phunnel bowl as they also serve as the best when it comes to having a longer-lasting smoking session; The reason here is the same too, their unique design holds the shisha juices in the bowl and not allow it to drip out through the bottom holes. And as mentioned earlier, more juice = more smoke.


3. Use Of Hookah Charcoal Correctly

Regardless of your preference of the charcoal that natural hookah charcoal, or quick-lite ones. You should ensure this one important thing, that they are heated thoroughly to the point of being ashy gray which is the optimum. When you use such coal it does not only saves you the fuss but also helps the coal itself to burn through its entire life. This results in giving you a longer hookah session


4. A Word About Heat Management

You can help yourself with these amazing products known as "heat management devices," or "HMD." They do a great job at preventing your shisha from burning along with much easier management of coal. Another thing to keep in mind is to place the coals on the bowl's edge instead of placing them in the middle. As it can be an effective way of distributing heat evenly. Along with punching smaller holes on the foil. If you are more of an outdoor shisha smoker than using wind covers is an effective way to make your shisha tobacco lasts longer. As it traps the heat of the charcoal and makes it last for a longer period.


5.Correctly Pack your Shisha Bowl

If you are aiming for having a short smoke session, it is recommended for you to go for a more loosely packed bowl. But we are here for longer hookah sessions, for that you must pack your shisha bowl tightly.

As when you secure the aluminum foil tightly on the bowl it ensures that the air flows smoothly in the bowl which is the key to power in larger and thicker clouds. But we should not wrap it too tightly as it can obstruct the airflow that will slow down the flow of smoke. Apart from this it also adds to the burn of the upper layer of the shisha flavor. Although the bottom layer will not be affected much it will surely shorten the length of shisha sessions.


Note- At the Times when you are smoking Tangiers Tobacco, it is suggested to go for tighter packing of the shisha. It is because of the cut and curation of this shisha.

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