WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Mint Flavored Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Mint Flavored Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Mint hookah on being the most popular shisha flavor of all time. Menthol tobacco was first developed by Lloyd "Spud" Hughes of Mingo Junction, Ohio in 1924, though the idea did not become popular until the Axton-Fisher Tobacco Company acquired the patent in 1927. In the United States, menthols comprise about 30% of the total cigarette market. Menthol tobacco is purchased disproportionately by African-American smokers, with 80% of African-American smokers consuming menthol cigarettes primarily.  

For Hookah lover mint shisha tobacco is basic flavor to cool down their flavor. Mint hookah tobacco presents a perfectly balanced medium mint-flavored hookah. You can add it to any flavor and build up your story. 

Mint can be mixed with nearly every flavor on earth and is the best real hookah flavor around. Other flavors might have a cooler taste or a stronger flavor, but no one can give you an organic feel of mojito in summer. Most of hookah or shisha fans use this flavor in summer because of coolness. 











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