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Men Smoking Hookah Outdoors

How to Store a Hookah and Its Accessories

Hookah or Shisha is an instrument used to smoke hookah tobacco flavours. It creates a dense amount of smoke which is soothing and relieving to intake. It has a very simple mechanism, first, we half fill the water basin and pass a funnel to it and to which a chillum is connected.

The hookah bowl is filled with tobacco or flavored tobacco or whatever the person wants to smoke and then the hookah bowl is covered using foil paper and made holes in the foil. Then we put some coal on the hookah bowl which burns the tobacco. Early day's people used wood coal but nowadays some people prefer different coal because they are easily prepared for smoking. Then a pipe is connected with the jar for taking the smoking from it.

Most people use hookah to relieve their stress or in a family gathering, they use hookah which is believed that increases the love and trust among the family and friends.

Nowadays there is a wide range of customized hookah these days and also cafes where you can smoke hookah tobacco flavours with your friends and enjoy the view. The hookah has evolved with time. The hookah which we use nowadays was not like this in the early days. The quality of tobacco was different and the coal used was different. But some people still prefer to use the traditional way of smoking.

Hookah's accessories:

- Glass Basin

- Hookah Bowl (Chillum)

- Hookah Hose

- Hookah steam enhancers

- Hookah stems

- Hookah Foil

- Hookah charcoal heater

- Hookah Mouth tip and holders

- Hookah grommets

- Hookah charcoal holder

- Hookah cleaning supplies

- Hookah Tong

- Hookah Trays

- Stash containers

 Black and White Photo of a Man Smoking Hookah

Glass Basin is a container made of glass in which we store the water and to which the hookah stem is connected and also it provides support to the hookah.

Hookah Bowl is a bowl made of hard clay. In it, we put the hookah tobacco flavours to smoke and cover it with hookah foil and make sure it's tightly packed.

Hookah Hose is a long pipe that has two open points in which one end is connected to the hookah stem and another end is from where we smoke the tobacco.

In some hookah, you can connect multiple hoses and enjoy the hookah.

Hookah steam enhancer is used to enhance the smoke and make it more easily combustible which results in a dense amount of smoke produced by the hookah.

Hookah stem is inserted in the glass basin to which the hookah bowl and hookah hose are connected.

First, we put the stem in the glass basin then we attach our hookah tray to it and on top of that we attach our hookah bowl and finally the hose and we complete our hookah.

Hookah Foil is a simple aluminum foil that is used to cover the bowl and on which the coil is placed. After covering the bowl we put some holes in the foil and then put the coal on top. By this, the coal slowly burns the tobacco and passes its smoke through the stem and then out from the hose.

A hookah charcoal heater is used to burn the charcoal.

Hookah mouth tip and holder are put on the hose to smoke more effectively. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Hookah grommets are put to one end of the hose and then to the stem. Grommets make sure that no smoke is leaking in between the hose and the stem.

A hookah charcoal holder is used to hold the burning coal.

Hookah cleaning supplies are used to clean the basin.

Hookah Tong is a metallic holder which is used to hold the burning coal.

A hookah tray is used to collect the ashes of the coal.

A stash container is a glass container in which you can put your tobacco or any other stash.

 Hookah Pot in a Basketball Court

Buying all this is not an issue but maintaining it is. Better the Hookah better the performance you get. You need to take proper care of hookah. After every use makes sure you pack the hookah back properly without damaging any part. As the glass basin is made of glass and is filled with water, we need to take care that the glass doesn't break and spill the water out. And while burning the coal don't go closer to the heater as you might get some burns if not handled properly. Once the coal is burnt properly hold it properly with a tong and make sure you put it properly on the hookah bowl and when the coal is about to end put it on the hookah tray and change it with another coal.

Keep the Glass basin clean after every use as it may get a bad smell and every time you use a hookah hose make sure to clean it first with fresh water and put a hookah mouth tip on it... And it's better if you have a cleaning supply like the cleaning brush for the glass basin.


Present-day hookah tradition

The hookah has never moved out from its old tradition of showing respect and providing good hospitality. All across the world, the use of hookah is still glowing and people use this tradition to spend a joyful time with their friends and family members. In recent times the hookah companies are focusing on providing eco-friendly and harmless hookah coals and flavors that you can enjoy without any harmful effects to your body.

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