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Hookah Flavored Molasses

How to Select Your First Hookah Flavor?

Hookah has gained popularity amongst various groups. For an amateur shisha smoker, it might be very confusing as to what they should select as their first flavor that would keep the essence and enjoyment of it to go a long way. Your First Hookah experience should definitely be exotic and therefore the selection of the perfect flavor is an utmost priority. Do not worry! We got you, we have some amazing tips and techniques for you to choose just the right flavor.


TickTock Shisha provides you with a range of flavors for a delicate experience and the strong aftertaste to give you the best of Hookah experience. Our flavors such as Harmony-Gum Mint for a strong cool minty experience , The ‘Ali Baba grape Mint’, giving you a tinge of sweetness ,The All- Day Fresh Lemon Lime for a whole new experience of freshness and All Eyes On You Ice Lemon – Mint for a double hint of Freshness of Lime and Coolness of Mint. Visit our website and give yourself the pleasure of it all ! If you’re new to hookah smoking, picking the correct flavors can be difficult. It takes a lot of research and learning before you can be certain that the flavors you’ve chosen are appropriate for a first-time hookah smoker like you.


Ask your local tobacco shop owner

Your local tobacco store can be of great help and ask a store assistant to help you about  which flavors are in high demand with the majority of  Hookah smokers. 


Online Research

Even some online research and information about hookah can be of great help. Through some browsing, one can search the kinds of taste and sort which has been the favorite for a majority of vape smokers and one can choose according to that.


Try our popular flavors

If you aren’t sure, then you could  settle for popular flavors such as the mint or apple flavors. So, If you are not sure about your first Hookah flavor, it is best to begin with popular fruity flavors like Double Apple, Grape, and Mango. You can also try spicy flavors like Pan Rasna for a different taste.


Hookah Falvoured Molasses


The Fruity Flavors

We provide you with some tropical fruity flavors, Green Apple would be TickTock’s pick for you. Our range of fruity flavors are made with premium quality for a delightful experience. Well also, you can never go wrong with a fruity pick for an interesting Hookah night with your friends and closed ones. These flavors are the safest picks and you will definitely enjoy the fruity punch of your favorite fruit. 


For the Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, then shisha flavors are going to be a world of fun for you, as many are based on fruity, sweet flavorings. Unlike the bitter taste of beer or the smoky taste of plain tobacco, sweet shisha flavors actually taste nice. From strawberry to melon, cola to liquor ice and even Bubblegum or Pina Colada, whatever your preference you’ll find it in a shisha flavor.


Hookah Molasses



Our Refreshing Flavors

Fresh minty options are available in all types of shisha varieties, thanks to the fact that mint is one of the most popular shisha flavors around. Fresh, minty options are a good idea for a first date, as not only will it keep your breath fresh, but minty vapors are more likely to keep you alert. Our Mint Shisha is one of our personal favorites, the sudden hit of the mint is extremely refreshing and your experience is doubled in no time. 


Don’t forget, you can of course play around with flavors. Try mixing two or three together to create something you really like. For instance, strawberry and cola or mint and chocolate, or perhaps even cherry and vanilla – the possibilities are endless.


Well since we solved your problem, you can definitely thank us, by buying more and exploring our exotic and premium range of Hookah flavors.


With such a huge range of flavors to choose from, it’s worth trying a few until you find the right one for you, but taking your general food tastes as a starting point will help you choose which flavor is most likely to become your favorite. And if you need even more help deciding, give us a call today, or explore our wide range of choices online at Tick Tock Shisha Store. If you need more information on Shisha, we are our one stop solution, we take the sole responsibility of keeping you posted about your Shisha. Visit our online site and check our hookah range at an absolute wholesale price. 

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