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Tobacco Fresh

How To Keep Tobacco Fresh

Have you ever wondered if the tobacco you have been using is fresh or it has already lost its aromatic flavor by drying out? Yes, fresh tobacco loses most of its flavor simply after drying out and it results in a very unpleasant taste as well as irksome smoke. So, you always need to take care of whether the tobacco you are using is fresh or not.


Normally the tobacco which comes in sealed packaging has a shelf life of more or less 2 years but once the seal is broken the tobacco eventually starts to dry out. Dried out tobacco is a complete mood spoiler as the fragrance is completely lost in it and too moist tobacco is unpleasant to smoke. Most of the people generally have no proper ideas about how they can keep it fresh. So, we are here with some tips to make sure that you enjoy your tobacco sessions every single time!


Why Should One Try To Keep The Tobacco Fresh?


Dried out tobacco is too harsh for the stomach and lungs as the fumes/smoke isn’t too pleasant for the body. Dry friable tobacco doesn’t taste as good as fresh tobacco and that is why tobacco is sealed and packaged in an airtight container so that it doesn’t lose its freshness and remain moist until opened. Another advantage of fresh tobacco over the dried one is that it can be rolled easily in a smoking pipe without breaking or crumbling.


How Can One Keep The Tobacco Fresh?


Usually the tobacco comes in a bag which is resealable, but do you think that much would be enough to keep it fresh? As soon as the tobacco comes in the presence of air it starts the procedure of drying up. Even if you reseal the tobacco back in the bag it will eventually lose all its flavor and become friable. It's really easy to keep the tobacco fresh and moist, all you need is the right accessories for it. So, here’s some really easy tips to make you enjoy the perfection of tobacco in a true sense.

Let’s first get into the general conditions that are required to maintain the tobacco. Always store the tobacco away from sunlight in a cool and stable environment. Also, always choose the right container to store the tobacco.

Now let’s get into the simple reliable tips for its proper maintenance.


1. Use A Hydro Stone 


A hydro stone is a small common terra cotta stone which is used to keep the tobacco fresh throughout its consumption. Basically, the hydro stone releases moisture in the tobacco storage area to keep it fresh. All you need to do is soak the stone into a bowl of water until it has absorbed all the liquid. As soon as it starts to dry it will release moisture in that particular area where it is kept. So, a hydro stone is an easy and reliable method of keeping the tobacco fresh by simply increasing the atmospheric moisture all around the tobacco.


2. Use A Humidor


It is a classic tried and tested method of keeping the tobacco fresh. Humidors are really popular as they work very well for maintaining the freshness of the tobacco. It can be easily found in any of the good tobacco stores or you can also buy it from any online source.


3. Use a Mason Jar


This method has also been used since long to avoid the tobacco from drying out and to maintain its freshness and flavor intact. By simply vacuuming the air out of the mason jar you can keep it fresh as long as you want. You can also age the tobacco to enrich it with flavors by leaving the air in the mason jar.


tobacco mason jar


4. Use a Tobacco Pouch


Tobacco pouch with its rubber inlay is a good storage solution for tobacco as it maintains the natural moisture of the tobacco. Wide variety of tobacco pouches are available worldwide. Depending on your need you can choose the type of pouch you want.


5. Drawstring Type


It’s Easy and convenient with a wide opening and retro look.

6. Roll up Type


It is super easy to carry and can easily fit into your jacket or pant pockets.


7. Bag Or Case Type

Bulkier and convenient type of bag. Not only for tobacco but is also meant for carrying pipe and accessories.

 Tobacco Case




Too dried tobacco or too moist tobacco is never a good deal, be it because of the environment or because of any underlying conditions. To enjoy the tobacco in its proper form you need to take care of it. By now, you must have understood the importance of tobacco storage and what are the things you need to do to avoid your tobacco from getting spoiled. 


With following very simple and easy methods you can fall in love with the essence of the tobacco that you have stored for so long!

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