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Hookah Buying Guide: Everything You Want To Know

Hookah Buying Guide: Everything You Want To Know

Hookah originated during the 15th century, and today it is a popular leisurely activity across the globe. Hookah is beyond just a pastime, it has been a part of a deeply rooted cultural practice. The tobacco smoked in the Hookah is known as Shisha. Shisha soaked in rich molasses and a touch of tangy spices and herbs were traditionally consumed. Though some ingredients largely differ in the making of the modern hookahs, yet its consumption is still as widely popular. In the US, today, Hookah bars are present in all major metropolitan cities. The hookah culture is so steeped in there, that people want to devour in its essence and enjoy hookah within their own homely premises. Here is a guide for you to know before buying a hookah.



The Hookah Material 


Solid brass pipes, according to some hookah experts, are the best. They are the strongest, most substantial pipes available, and they last indefinitely. They oxidize, and they never dissolve. The issue with brass pipes is that they require regular polish to keep their brilliance and brightness. Others like corrosion resistance mixed with copper or bronze. Stainless steel, on the other hand, has its drawbacks.


For one thing, just a few producers employ high-quality stainless. Typically, a limited stainless steel is being used, and nickel is electroplated just on the surface. Oxidation and rusting are still a threat on the inside. Even well-known manufacturers produce hookahs in this manner. Most modern hookah producers are more meticulous, electroplating both the bodywork.



The Correct Shisha Height 


Picking the right hookah level is largely a question of personal taste. Hookah users with a great deal of experience prefer hookahs that are between 28 and 32 inches long. This height range is a good compromise between efficiency and easy handling. Somebody who plans to camp or travel frequently, on the other hand, may prefer a smaller hookah. Somebody who wants to smoke on his deck, on the other hand, could choose a very tall hookah that can be set on the flooring beside a top table.


In terms of performance, height does play an impact. When inhalation, a larger container and stem will store more vapor and emit more vapor. This isn’t to say that little hookahs aren’t enjoyable to use. There are numerous little hookahs available.



The Hookah Hoses


Hookahs appear to be ideal for a party setting. Despite their appearance, multiple pipework hookahs are not what they appear to be. The more hoses there are, the lower the performance and the more difficult it is to smoke the hookah.


They’re so unmanageable because everyone who has a hose in their hand has to plug their tip when they’re not smoking. If one hose tip is not tucked, the smoker will not have enough vacuum to pull out the fumes.


Fortunately, the numerous hose issues can be resolved. Most authentication requests hose hookahs include rubber plugs that make it simple to transform down to a single nozzle. You can also choose a newer hookah with a built-in check valve, which is much easier to use.


Furthermore, when entertaining large groups, there is no denying the allure of pulling out a two, three, or four hose hookah. They do add to the party’s delight.


Hookah Hose




What are the Hookah Coals made of:


There are various elements a shisha coal can be made of like lemon trees, bamboo but coconut coals top the popularity list.


  1. Quick Lighting hookahs are usually made of coal dust with added Sulphur or any other ingredient that promotes quick Lighting. But for shisha lovers, the coconut coals are the real deal breakers, as i) It is made from natural ingredients. The Prolonged unpleasant smell doesn't linger and it burns longer than the other variant. 
  2. It is comparatively healthier, as there are no added chemical substances in it.

Hookah Coal



What Is Hookah Tobacco or Shisha made of:


A shisha tobacco primarily consists of some simple elements. The quality of Hookah varies depending on the brand. The major ingredients contained in the shisha are:

  • Tobacco: The tobacco used here is washed and dried to avoid the quintessential cigarette smell. 


Another variant, however, does contain unwashed tobacco primarily used in the dark leaf tobacco shishas that contain higher percentages of nicotine in it. This variant is usually recommended to be avoided by beginners.

  1. Molasses or Honey: It is usually used to extract the tobacco juice and help slow the tobacco burning process. There are various flavored Molasses that add on to your shisha experience.
  2. Natural glycerin: This ingredient is the secret behind those clouds of dense smoke. Glycerin is the ingredient behind those ace ring clouds.
  3. Fruit Pulps and fruit aromas:  The fruit pulps or aromas provide the fascinating taste to the shisha. Mint and Green Apple are our primary picks for you, the exquisite taste is a complete delight. A tinge of spicy herbs added to the flavor.


    We have curated this list to help you pick the right Hookah for you to delve into some forbidden hookah experience. We hope this article is useful to you, and you know what to look for before you put your hands on this exotic pastime. 

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