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Hookah Base options to make Shisha Smoking more Phenomenal!

Hookah Base options to make Shisha Smoking more Phenomenal!

If you want to take your smoking experience to a new level, you can try a variety of methods, including mixing flavors, choosing different shapes and sizes of hookahs, and maybe try using flavored coal or other alternatives. You can put oranges or watermelons in a changing bowl or you can make water that tastes like hookah. 


Tap water is still king, but in this case, you want to change the water, and for whatever reason, it’s better to know what a good and cool replacement is. 


I will list the most commonly used shisha alternatives, but this is not all. At the end of the article I have prepared some of my personal shisha recipes for you to try.


What can I put in the bottom of the hookah instead of water? 

Basically, you can use anything you can think of except poison. Of course, I do not recommend carbonated drinks, but pure sodas. Carbonated drinks cannot be poured into the base at all. The reason is simple. When you inhale smoke, it creates pressure and produces a "hiss". If it is a hose, this is the last thing you want to do. Also, remember that putting alcohol in the base can be potentially dangerous, so don't get too excited about alcohol and make sure you don't put pure alcohol in the base. Don't worry, because I've listed completely safe alternatives to hookah, which will definitely take your party to the next level. Do you want some ideas?

What is the best substitute for water in a hookah? 



This is a very standard basic additive. The smoke on the ice becomes colder and thicker. You can use it to match any flavor. 

Warning, ice will kill the taste, you will feel the taste is a little weak. Another point is that after using the ice, do not wash the base with warm water, it will weaken the glass and eventually burst. 


Lemon, watermelon and ice cubes 

Adding tropical fruits and ice cubes on the beach or on a hot summer day is a great option. The perfect combination of lemon and watermelon will give your hookah an elegant look, you will get the perfect tropical flavor, you can mix it with mint or some other tropical flavor, add a little ice and you will get an extra cooling sensation when smoking.



A mug of coffee and hookah is simple, but pouring 50% caffeine to 50% water can be a decent combination of tastes. Putting coffee in a hookah will give you a good flavor, especially if it is combined with the flavor of the chocolate or vanilla hookah, it will be very good when combined with the flavor of CAESAR-Double Apple or JOJO-Caramel Coffee. Coffee says the flavor very well, but remember that in the long run, adding coffee instead of water will damage your hose.


Freeze Fruits

This combination is really good, because it will give you a fresh feeling, a stronger smoky flavor, and a beautiful fruity flavor. My suggestion is to gently squeeze the fruit before putting the frozen fruit in the base, this will cause the flavor to be released. You can mix this combo with any fruit-based hookah, for example, I like IMAGINATION-Raspberry Blueberry Blackberry.


Another cocktail on the Margarita 

List can be a good substitute for the water at the bottom of the hookah. It is definitely a Margarita. This cocktail is easy to make and a good substitute for refreshing water. Mix it with mint flavor or some tropical blend. 


Mint leaves 

Adding mint leaves to the base sounds like a good idea, and it does. Mint leaves have a strong cooling sensation, especially if you add a little ice. Mint goes well with most of the shisha flavors on the market, so you can blend it with any flavor you want without going wrong.



Pouring your favorite soda into the base will give you a sweet taste, but remember that using carbon dioxide soda will get into the hose and completely destroy everything. I don't recommend using it, but pure soda. Choose your favorite soda to test and choose a hookah that matches the taste. For example, if you choose orange soda, ALL DAY-Ice Lemon is a very good choice.


What kind of liquid can be placed at the bottom of the hookah to produce dense smoke? 


Any thicker liquid will make your smoke thicker because you breathe less air when you catch the smoke. Remember, adding a thicker liquid to the base will burn your hookah faster. In addition, don’t forget that the direct impact on the thickness of the smoke will be the quality of the embers, the packaging of the container, the quality of the hookah, etc. The 5 main liquids will definitely make your smoke stronger: 

  • Orange Juice 
  • Milk (make sure to mix with water when using) 
  • Syrup 
  • Ice 
  • Coffee 


We hope this article provides you with some good ideas that you can use as a substitute for water in hookahs. 


We tried to describe everything you might want to put in the base. We also provide you with 4 best hookah formulas, the most suitable liquid for thick smoke. I hope this article is useful to you. Do share this blog with your folks!

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