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Best Liquid Alternatives For Your Hookah Base

Best Liquid Alternatives For Your Hookah Base

The liquid you use as a shisha base is a deciding factor for a number of things, it is responsible for cooling your smoke and checking the durability and smooth conduct of your session. Water is the best component for your hookah base, this impartial and flavorless liquid is though the most highly recommended hookah base, here are four alternatives to it:



a. Fruit Juice


Why not amp up the fresh fruit by adding fresh juice to your base? The vast majority of hookah smokers have at least a handful of good fresh fruit tastes they like. At least, that was the thought. Everything from orange juice and citrus juice to strawberry and orange juice was placed into a vape base, with varying results.


Although juice may provide a tiny lift from the fresh berries flavors on your bowl, we've found that it makes your hookah too sweet in our taste. The richness of the juice has a tendency to cover over the flavors on your shisha. When working with lemon juice, a simple tip to avoid difficulties is to constantly dilute it with warm water in 50/50 proportions.


Best Liquid Alternatives For Your Hookah Base



b. Soda


To find an additional twist of sweetness, mix soda into a basis similar to juice, as indicated.


Again, the sweets and flavors in this burst will surely sweeten your dish, but they may also limit the shisha flavors.


Something to keep in mind while dealing with pops on your good basis is that pop up contains carbonation, or the bubbles that make your pop up bubbly.


When consuming pop, this is obviously completely expected, but when used in a hookah base, it could lead to some surprising results. Generally, acidity builds in the bottom, and the first few hookah hits might be unpleasant. Simply said, I'm talking about baking soft drink carbonation. Unless that's what I'm thinking, it's not going to be a fun time.


c. Alcohol


Although alcohol is a highly recommended alternative because it can significantly modify the flavor of one's bowls and give it a more “twist," it brings with it a number of drawbacks. Smoking may have variable degrees of glucose levels depending on the type of alcohol used. This may need you washing your hookah base, as stated in the juice and pop chapters.


Additionally, you end up breathing remnants of alcohol vapors, which isn't pleasant, both in terms of flavor and in general. It is not a good idea to add pure alcohol or strong alcohol on your own foundation. You'll find that more people claim that dilute alcohol is more effective than any hard alcohol.



d. Milk


Milk tends to be a favorite alternative for water in many hookah parlors. Milk is an impartial flavored liquid that is advertised to make your clouds even thicker. There will be no flavor differences except for a touch of creaminess. The quality of smoke however is not affected by Milk, but your bowl's packaging and maintaining a viable temperature. Milk as per our research does not have a durable self life thereby it is highly recommended that you wash your hookah/shisha thoroughly whilst you use Milk as an alternative.



e. Citrus


A spicy alternative for water is a must try and what better than a deliciously spiced Wheat Ale mixed with some citrus flavored or mint flavored hookah. Enjoy the hint of spices and freshly poured citrus pulp mixed with some mint leaves to add on to the freshness and finally add some crushed ice. The flavorful smoke, it’s density and the longevity of the session is sure to be a show stopper.


Best Liquid Alternatives For Your Hookah Base



f. Hot Chocolate


This must surely come up as a huge surprise! Hot chocolate for Hookah base? This warm Hookah liquid will give you chocolate flavored smoke to devour into. A combination of hot water with hot chocolate mix and some cold water to balance it, will make an exciting and absolutely great alternative for water. This Hookah water will also provide an external flavor to your smoke, so it is only suggested by us if you are inviting the hot chocolate flavored Shisha smoke.


Best Liquid Alternatives For Your Hookah Base


g. A Blast of Mint


Mint tobaccos are an absolute all time favorite flavor and a basic choice when it comes to shisha lovers, but have you ever thought about a mint liquid alternative for the base? Seeped fresh mint leaves in a pot of cooled water mixed with 8-10 crushed altoids will do the deed. When this authentic recipe is poured over some crushed ice as your hookah base, along with some nice chilly mint flavored liquor it will instantly light up the whole Hookah session. This alternative is a blast of freshness and refreshes everyone’s mood. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?



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