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Best Hookah Flavor for Summer

Best Hookah Flavor for Summer

Summertime is the time when hookah lovers love to smoke best hookah flavor on beaches or in open-rooftops bars and many more places. In the time of summer, most people want to feel refreshed and want to feel that cold breeze so they seek out those flavors which make them relive those precious moments and make those memories unforgettable.


There is a wide range of flavors especially made for summer use depending on the demands of the customers. Most customers demand fruity flavor mixed with a little mint and which has some icy effect. These demands make the flavor companies take steps and work hard to reach those demands. There are already these types of flavors available in the market which have a cooling effect, icy effect, minty flavor but these fruity flavors make it more loving in the summer as this flavor takes out the heat off in you and you feel fresh and refreshing.



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Hookah is loved by many people worldwide; you will find different varieties of hookah flavors and different ways of consuming it. Some like to smoke it while sipping some flavored mix tea. Some use different measures in coals to make the smoke more lasting and dense. Some make the water flavored or exchange it with juice or milk depending on the person. It is up to you how you want to enjoy it and with whom you want to enjoy it and make your moment peaceful and memorable.


Some families like to smoke hookah in the traditional way in which they use hard coal and in place of flavored tobacco they use fresh fruit and also some use only pure tobacco to smoke and in place of water, some use milk which enhances the flavor of the smoke.


Some of the best hookah flavor are:

FIRED UP-Ice Lemon Mint

Being loved by most of the countries, this Ice Lemon Mint flavored is top-ranked. It takes you to the ice bucket challenge. The spicy and floral flavor blended with the mint flavor makes it more loving and interesting.


MY WAY-Watermelon Mint

The perfect mix for your hot summer days and cool nights. Watermelon Mint is a perfect mix of floral and juicy flavor; it is a blend of honeydew, cantaloupe, and cherry soaked in diluted sugar syrup. It is light and soothing to smoke. This taste of it makes it more demanding and it works best with sweet, tropical, and fruity flavors.


LUSH-Kiwi Mango Blueberry

We all are familiar with the name Tick Tock hookah is one of the well-known brands for hookah flavor. You can’t question when the product is of Tick Tock hookah. They are known for their red dye tobacco. The combination of Kiwi, Mango, and Blueberry is loved by every person in every country for a long time. The fine quality of flavor makes its smoke more calm and fruity and a sweet hit at the end differently. 


ALL DAY- Ice Lemon Lime

Another famous flavor by the Tick Tock hookah is its Ice Lemon Lime flavor. Cocktail parties are incomplete without cocktail hookah. In most cocktail parties the combination of lemon, lime mixed with the ALL DAY- Ice Lemon Lime flavor make it complete and makes it more refreshing, and soothes your mind and body. You can also put some mint leaves in the glass basin to make it more beautiful.


TI AMO-Bubble Gum Mint

Another famous and most demanding flavor in Germany and Europe has made a huge impact on the people. Whether it is summer or winters hookah parlors are incomplete without Bubble Gum Mint flavor. If you are a Bubble Gum lover then it's a perfect match for you, the mint flavor is filled with sweet flavor which gives a smooth and smooth smoke, and taken with a mint this refreshing flavor makes it complete for the body and mind.



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TORNADO- Ice Gum Cinnamon

If you are a bubble gum lover and want to enjoy your smoking with a mix of spicy mint flavor then TORNADO- Ice Gum Cinnamon is the right option for you. It feels like you are having bubble gum in your mouth but with a twist of spice and a cinnamon flavor mixed which makes it the best option for summers to smoke.


GUILTY-Maracuja Ice Grapefruit

Another famous flavor in the game is the GUILTY-Maracuja Ice Grapefruit, which emerged in re-dye tobacco; this flavor takes you to the calmest place of your mind. Mixed with citric and blended with rose flavor makes it a perfect match for your hookah. Tick Tock hookah has never disappointed when it comes in terms of flavor and has always provided better quality flavor.


SUNSET-Banana Cream

If you are a cream person and love bananas then SUNSET-Banana Cream flavor is the right option for you. It just tastes like soft and ripe bananas with mouth warming cream which makes it a classic flavor. A smooth hit of banana and vanilla cream with some amount of cool minty flavor makes it lovable and makes our session in summer more soothing.


CABALLERO-Ice Double Apple Liquorices

A combination of 30% double apple with 30% ice and 40% lemon leaf makes it a perfect hotspot for your hookah session where the crispiness of apple is highly detectable and the coolness of ice will relax you. A must-try flavor in summer and also this flavor is loved worldwide.


FLAMINGO-Mango Orange Cherry

Its unique tasting makes it taste smoother fruity and soothing. As by name the flavor is inspired by the ingredient that is found in the tropical forest. A blend of Mango and cherry mixed with citric orange and cherry make its aroma more loving.


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