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Best Hookah Bars in the USA

Best Hookah Bars in the USA

Well, in recent few years the number of hookah bars has been increased all over the USA. Lots of people love smoking hookah and there are some top-notch hookah bars all over the USA that you will love to visit.


Here are some best hookah bars in the USA 


Ali Mama Cafe

If you are in the USA and you love hookah then you will be very well aware of Ali Mama Cafe, one of the most famous hookah bars situated in Sunset Boulevard, California. Well, this cafe is just for enjoying your hookah session with a better experience. The cafe also provides the facility for coffee and card games along with your hookah.

This is a budget-friendly and affordable place for hookah lovers, also they have their own collection of flavors to let you enjoy your hookah session in much better ways.



Situated in Venice Boulevard, Palms, Los Angeles, Almaza is a type of Lebanese restaurant that includes a hookah bar separately for hookah lovers. Well, along with good Lebanese food the bar serves you their own flavors for hookah. The narrow bar is very famous in the area and is always filled with people who come here to enjoy a great hookah platter. Many times people come here with their laptops to do some work and enjoy their hookah session individually.


A Bar with Lounge Red Interior


Glass Hookah Lounge

One of the well-known bars in the country, situated in the center of Hollywood. Well, this hookah bar is created in a very fancy way and also they offer a great variety of flavors for hookah sessions. Due to its location in Los Angeles, this bar becomes a bit costly but with cost, they will provide you high-end best hookah flavor experience with a glass lounge and the right vibes. Well, the hookahs here are all fitted with stainless steel hoses, a tiny tripod, and cone-shaped glass hookah to make the surroundings even more enchanting. 


Habibi Cafe

Habibi cafe is a mixture of hookah bars and restaurants, a very famous place to hang out and relax with your friends. The cafe offers you great cuisines like their famous lemon chicken, baba ganoush, and the apple-topped hookah bowl. With the enjoyment of best hookah flavor, the bar also offers you a DJ with great music combination mostly Arabic and Bollywood music. Well, the cafe is located in Los Angeles, in a very prime location where lots of students visit the cafe frequently.

Habib Cafe is a well know place and along with that, it offers its own manufactured flavors which makes it different from other places.


 Man Behind a Cloud of Smoke



Lotus is a very unique type of hookah bar that offers you a hookah bar with a pair of Japanese cuisine that can give a great experience if are with your friends or family members. The bar is fully covered with low-hanging street lights which gives you a comfortable and cozy feeling.

Well, the main menu of the restaurant is that they offer sushi rolls with your hookah. The budget of the bar is a bit high but they will provide you a great experience that will let you remember the place for a longer period. This bar also produces its own flavors for hookah and with sushi rolls; it becomes a great combination to enjoy.


Boba Bear

Well, from the name you might get confused because boba and hookah are not something that comes all together regularly. But if we talk about the Boba Bear, this bar is one of the most famous and known places in the USA that offers you till late at night. The taste of great old music will make you feel it the surrounding more intense. 

Boba bear has so many varieties of flavor for your hookah session that makes the place the most favorite one, with the sweet smell of flavor, makes the environment more delightful.


Restaurant with Bar and Lounge Ambient Rich


Naab Cafe

Naab Cafe is one of the most famous bars and restaurants in the USA that is not just known for its hookah but also for its great menu that contains the place's favorite beef koobideh, a lot of variety for Mediterranean foods and others. The bar is situated in Westwood Boulevard, Westwood, Los Angeles, California. A very customer's friendly bar where all the staffs are friendly with their customers and the place gives you private space for you to enjoy your best hookah flavor party with your close friends without any disturbance.


Lekker Lounge

This is one of the interesting hookah bars that is situated in Little Tokyo in the center of many Japanese restaurants and lots of people love it. Well, this place is a lot different from any other hookah bars as they provide you advanced LED hookah that is coupled with a fiber optic start ceiling. This new way to present hookah made so many people fall in love with this place, they also offer VIP chess room for your private hookah session with your friends. The wall of the private room is also colored like a chessboard black and white in color.


Divan Restaurant Bar

 If you ever went to Atlanta then you might have heard about the Divan restaurant. This place is situated on Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta for more the 12 years which is loved by everyone around. With providing a great experience to so many people for a long period this place has the best hookah bar in the entire city. Well, along with hookah bar this place also serves great cuisine such as their famous duck leg confit, spiced shrimp, and great kebabs.

Being the famous place in the city it gets a lot of promotion for their services.


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