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All About Hookah

A Beginner's Guide to Shisha: Everything you need To Know

So you're starting to get in touch with hookah, do you have a lot of questions? Each and every hookah smoker has been through this phase, this is the best hookah guide is only designed for newbies, after reading this blog; you will get the knowledge you need. 


On the Assumption that you don't know a thing about this topic, the first thing that will come to your mind is what the heck is hookah? So let's get started with this. 


What is a Hookah? 


Hookah is a smoking device designed for enjoyment. You can find hookahs with one hose connection or multiple hose connections. Hookah is nothing new; Hookah has a very great history. Originated in India but soon spread to the Middle Eastern countries where it became a tradition. 


People use hookahs to smoke aromatic tobacco called Hookah molasses, but people also use it to smoke marijuana. 


Now you can understand what hookah is. 



Different Types of Hookahs


Traditional Hookah

There are three different types of traditional water pipes (India, Egypt, and Syria)


Traditional water pipes are usually handmade by skilled craftsmen. No traditional hookah has the same shape, color or size. Each one is handmade, which is why they may be very different from each other.


Traditional hookah is a real masterpiece. It is a real enjoyment to own such a pipe. This is also supported by most hookah fans that prefer traditional pipes.


Glass Hookah

Glass Hookahs are modern variants of traditional hookah pipes. Usually made of hand blown or molded glass, these hookahs are a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy pure water hookah smoke without any ghost flavors. The glass type hookah pipe solves a big problem of traditional hookahs, such as oxidation and the ghosting that may appear in the first few puffs. These hookah pipes are the choice of many hookah bars. In addition to looking stylish, they also have the advantage of being very easy to clean. 


Modern Design Hookah 

The future is now. This is especially true when we look at how hookah design has evolved over the years. The principle remains the same, the designer tries to solve the problems that people use with traditional pipes, and there may be many problems. 


From the stability and airflow to the bottom of the waterpipe juice leakage, these problems have now disappeared through the new modern water pipe pipe made by combining traditional and modern technology. 


Hookah Pens 

Hookah Pens is basically another type of electronic cigarette. Some disposable hookah pens evaporate what the manufacturer says is nicotine, tobacco and tar-free liquids. This is difficult to prove because the pen and liquid have not been studied or tested by an independent research team. 


What is Hookah made of? 


Almost every part of the hookah is made of different materials, of course, except for all glass hookahs. From the beginning, vases were made of glass in most cases. In order to make an impenetrable base, tempered materials are the best. The main body or rod of hookah is made-up of stainless steel in most of the cases, which is definitely what you want, except for cheap products that use cheap metal or aluminum. 




The best hookah hoses are made of plastic, silicone, or other materials, but these plastic and silicone are the best and most common. Similarly, the hose is made of an arrangement of styles and lengths. 


There are two types of Hoses:

1. Washable hoses
2. Non-washable hoses


Hookah Hoses 



The tobacco bowl is made of ceramic, clay, silica gel, metal, plastic, glass, or a combination of these materials. 


Types of Bowl


Crown, Phunnel, Vortex, Egypt, Syrian, Glass, Inverted, Electric, Apple on The Top, Glider bowls. The most popular are made of ceramic, clay, and silica gel. 


What is Hookah Coal made of? 


Hookah is made primarily from coconut shells and is the most popular charcoal, but a little known fact is that hookah can be made from lemon trees and bamboo. 


There is another type of coal called fast-burning coal. They are made of charcoal powder and added a fast-ignition ingredient, usually sulfur. There is no confusion which coal is good, every heavy hookah smoker will go for coconut charcoal. 


There are two main reasons for this:


1. Coconut embers are better because they are made of natural ingredients, do not leave an unpleasant smell, and burn for longer.
2. Charcoal is healthier, because no chemicals can cause health problems.


Hookah Charcoal


What is Hookah Tobacco made of? 


Have you ever thought of what the hell you smoked? Shisha tobacco is made of very simple elements, and its purity mainly based on the brand of the hookah molasses you smoke, but usually the main ingredients are: 


1. Tobacco: Dry and wash so that it does not leave the classic cigarette smell. Although there is an unwashed type, usually a hookah made of dark tobacco leaves; this type of nicotine content is higher and is not recommended for beginners. Learn more about the difference between washed and unwashed hookahs.


2. Molasses: These elements are responsible for producing tobacco juice, and they also help tobacco burn more slowly.


3. Natural Glycerin: Basically this thing caused a huge amount of smoke.


4. Pulp and fruity fragrance: Tough spicy and tangy herbs can be mixed; these elements create the amazing taste of hookah.


That's it! I think I've covered everything a beginner should know about hookah. After reading this article, you should know some basic things like what is a hookah, what is tobacco molasses, from what materials hookah is made of, type, size, etc. Do Share with your friends!

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