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Hookah Mistakes

10 Common Mistakes People Do While Smoking Hookah

When it comes to learning and behavior, we all learn from people around us; this is how culture and norms have been established. Mistakes we all also learn from others until someone comes and corrects us. Different people have different styles, preferences or suggestions on how to make hookahs. Although there are no recommended practices in most cases, they will certainly pass some common mistakes. The good news is that these errors can be avoided, and this blog is here to tell you what they are, so you can save a lot of money and trouble.


Using ice cubes in the base can make your session smoother


A common misconception is that putting ice in water, ice cubes will make your session smoother. Although this may seem "softer", what is really happening is that the ice is masking the potential burning taste. It also removes a lot of good flavors from your session. Using lots of ice is more crutch than anything else, and a well-filled bowl with proper heat management will give a smooth, cloudy session packed with flavor. 



ice cubes in the base

Start with black leaf tobacco 


Black leaf tobacco is normally used for its higher nicotine content. If you are not familiar with shisha, you may want to start with golden tobacco leaves with lower nicotine content. Of course some people have a higher tolerance, but a fair warning: From experience, it will kick your ass the first time you try. Shisha is a pleasant and relaxing thing, so we recommend that you slowly get used to smoking. If you are interested in smoking thicker tobacco, switch to dark leaf tobacco over time.


Preheating your lotus unsafely 


Since the introduction of the Lotus device, people have been warming it up. This is a very simple way to destroy your Lotus or even burn the tobacco in your bowl! If you end up putting it on your heating element (burner) for too long, you may melt it. We know that you want to start smoking as soon as you clean up the bowl, but the better things in life are worth the wait. If you preheat it, just heat up your lotus a little.


Use stem to carry tubing 


Always use tubing through the base. It may seem more convenient to put the pipe on the pole, but it is actually an easy way to break the base. The water in most pipes is heavier than you think; the only thing holding the pipe to the base is the rubber seal. The last thing you need is a bowl of charcoal, ready, bottomless pit!


Assuming bigger hook = bigger cloud 


A bigger tube does not necessarily mean you will have a bigger cloud. Although we don't want to sound like a broken record, the way you clean up the bowl and handle the heat will bring you those big fluffy clouds. It does not fit your pipe size. You can achieve the same result in the cloud using a smaller pipeline.


Overload your bowl with coal 


Everybody likes big, fluffy clouds, right? There are right and wrong ways to do this. If you overload the bowl with heat, it will become very hot, which will burn it and reduce smoking time. Of course, if the container is well packed and the heat is handled properly, large clouds and odors will follow.


Overload your bowl with coal

Using improperly lit charcoal 


Semi lit charcoal is a big no-no for hookah smoking. One reason is that half a liter of charcoal does not produce enough heat to ignite a bowl, and it tastes terrible when you smoke. Seriously, if your charcoal is not fully ignited, you may have unnecessarily inhaled carbon dioxide while smoking. Therefore, please make sure that your charcoal is fully ignited. When they glow red, you know they're done. You can use a certain angle of light on the back of the same coin. Doing so will cause them to shrink, and if they are removed from the fire at the right time, they will not last that long. 


Smoking Other Substances from Your Hookah Pipe 


Sometimes some people may suggest adding other "substances" to your bowl, but they will stain your pipe, bowl, and hose, making it difficult to remove the odor. If you like these activities, there is no judgment, but it is best to use the proper equipment or install separate water pipes for "other types" of gatherings to keep the water pipe clean. 


Fill your base with alcohol 


When we talk about using other substances in your pipes, we also need to address your base problem. The best liquid for pouring the base is water. For example, some people may try to persuade you to drink. However, inhaling these vapors is harmful to health. It can also compromise the integrity of the pipe and make cleaning difficult. If you want to try something different, try mint leaves or tea! Flavored Tobacco Molasses will always help. 



Fill your base with alcohol

Think Higher Price = Better Quality 


The amount you spend doesn't always show the quality of the product you get! You will not buy a car because it is expensive, and your hookah pipes and fittings are no exception. Do your homework to ensure high-quality products. Although the "best" hookahs, bowls, hoses, and accessories are subjective to some extent, some products are better than others and may meet your hookah needs. Make sure what you bought is durable; otherwise you will end up with a ton of products that you won't be able to enjoy or use. 


That's it! We hope that we can make you aware of some blunders you may encounter during your hookah journey! There are common misunderstandings for a reason! Smokes wisely avoid mistakes. One more suggestion: Mint hookah tobacco and Apple hookah tobacco are great for summers so do try it. Until next time, continue smoking! Do Share!

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